Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bamboo time

We had some decent rain showers recently, and everything in the garden went berserk growing in leaps and bounds as if on some kind of supernatural growth hormone.
After the awful drought that we experienced earlier this year, the rainfall was a welcome gift but.....

.....look at my bamboo growing "wild and wassy." (uncontrollable manner).

Yesterday evening, my dear friend who loves orchids paid me a visit.  We stood chatting for a while, and as I walked her up the driveway, she admired the bamboo and asked me to save her a few stalks when I trimmed it back.....she would use them for her orchids.
No problem.
 Early this morning, I decided I would trim the plant and deliver the trimmed stalks to her....what a lovely surprise that would be.

 Of course The Overseer was keeping an eye on the proceedings.

A nice big bunch of bamboo stalks which my girlfriend will use for her orchids.....she will allow the stalks to dry first.
I finished the job in less than ten minutes.
I was thankful that it was not a hard task like this bamboo cleanup in the above photo.....having the power company come by to trim back the bamboo from the electric poles can be expensive.


  1. A friend in New Zealand has HUGE bamboos and they can become a real problem at that size.

    1. I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the large sized bamboo species, so that's why I stuck to the small drops a lot of leaves though, but I don't mind, I love it.


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