Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hastings Rocks

Yesterday being Saturday, I was out and about on my jaunt....and boy oh boy was it a lovely jaunt.
I think I especially enjoyed my day out since I had not had the opportunity to go jaunting while I worked on the upstairs kitchen was good to be out and about again.
The heat was on, and soon I was feeling rather sweaty (sorry Mum....she always said that pigs sweat, men perspire and ladies glow) I guess I was glowing.
Lots of errands that needed to be taken care of in the "hot broiling sun" (another one of her sayings).....I do miss her.
With it being the end of the month, there are always a ton of sales and flea markets on the last weekend of the month.
You need not put your thinking caps on to know where I was headed.
I have my favourite flea markets, but today I visited the Hastings Flea Market on the south coast across from Hastings Rocks on the beach.

Hastings itself is a little town on the south coast of the island in the parish of Christ Church.
It was one of the first tourist resorts on the island during the 18th century.

Hastings Rocks

On the seaward side is a lovely beach called Hastings Rocks which is a great "chilling out" spot featuring a promenade with benches and a bandstand.
Affectionately known as "The Rocks", the original beach was a shoreline of rocks, and was badly eroded, but since its redevelopment, it is now made up of several sandy bays and tidal pools as well as artificial reefs. 
One of the tidal pools is a natural formation of coral around a shallow opening which provides an ideal swimming spot.
The inshore reef and tidal pools provide fishing grounds and is perfect for collecting exquisite shells and coral that wash ashore.

The history of the area is quite interesting....the land in the area was originally owned by the War Department.
Mr. Edward Carpenter, an ex-patriot and Manager of the Colonial Bank (now Barclays International Bank) secured a lease from the War Department for the area, and within a few months converted the section of rab land into the beautiful Hastings Rocks that we have today.
For about one hundred years, Hastings Rocks remained under the control of a "Rocks Committee" even after Government purchased it in December 1905.  It was then taken over by the Parks and Beaches Commission, and renovated and re-opened on February 19th 1971, and is now a public area.

The beach is hugged by the Richard Haynes/South Coast Boardwalk which meanders along the seafront from Rockley to Hastings Rocks.
This one mile long Brazilian hardwood boardwalk is perfect for an early morning jog, or a lovely evening sunset stroll with a loved one.

The elevation of Hastings Rocks was lowered to allow road traffic to enjoy this wonderful "open window to the sea" view. 
The project included renovating the beach since the rocks were almost completely eroded by wind and waves. The new beach was created from sand dredged during the construction work at the Bridgetown Port and now boasts several headlands and an offshore breakwater.
Even with the renovated beach, the sea shore is still rocky with medium waves and an undertow that should be respected, therefore caution is advised if one decides to take a swim.

Meandering seaside boardwalk

Spectacular views of the ocean....."The Rocks" is a favourite spot for church fairs, weddings, parties and outdoor performances.

Beautiful expanse of beach.

The area includes a bandstand where many open-air performances are held especially by the Royal Barbados Police Band.
I remember as a child my parents taking me to listen to the Police Band here at The Rocks.

Beautifully landscaped promenade with a bandstand and benches.

Perfect photo opportunities.

Incredible ocean views popular with visitors and locals.

Located at the western end of Hastings Rocks is Blakey's Bar & Restaurant , a favourite after-work and entertainment spot for locals....may I add that the food here is delicious....ask me how I know.

I could stay here all this picturesque Hastings Beach......but...where was I headed originally?

Oh yes, the Hastings Farmer's Market across the street.

Visited the stall of a Guyanese vendor who "seems to know" all about weights and measures.  I have never seen a scale or a calculator operate like fooling me though.

He always has the best produce, but keep your own tally of what you're purchasing.
I came away with all my ingredients to make a lovely big pot of vegetable soup.

I enjoyed my day out....I took care of my errands, I visited a few friends, I had a lovely seaside walk and to top it off, came home with some good food.


  1. I'd love to walk along that boardwalk... Thanks for showing us the views! :)

    1. It is a lovely boardwalk to walk along and enjoy the scenic views....glad you enjoyed the post.
      I love when you highlight your town in your's so pretty.

  2. So How do you know the food is good. Did you have lunch without Mr Brown?
    It really is a beautiful spot. The ocean is such a rich blue.

    1. I enjoyed a delicious birthday lunch at Blakeys last year, and whenever my overseas friends are visiting the island, we always try to get together at Blakeys for a good lime....the food is GOOOOD!!!
      I always buy something tasty for Brownie on Saturdays as a weekend treat for him being a good dog.

  3. Well your Hastings and England's Hastings certainly have a lot in common but I know where I would rather be for my holiday! Not that I've been to the one in England that many times. Like Missy I, too, shall ask the question although I assume that you have enjoyed a meal or two there.

    1. One is tempted to overeat at Blakeys...the food is just that GOOOD!!

  4. What a beautiful place! Sounds like a great day. Do you ever take Brownie with you on your jaunts?

    1. Brownie and I have not gone on a jaunt in a while....maybe a trip to the beach is in order.

  5. My Mum also used to say "pigs sweat, men perspire and ladies glow" - it was obviously an international saying! I'd love to go beachcombing along those beaches.

    1. It was her way I believe of making me adhere to being ladylike....although I still find myself saying "I'm so sweaty" when I emerge from hard work in the garden.
      Whenever your jet touches down at our airport let me know, I'll take you rambling along the beaches or wherever you want to go.


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