Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ten cents drop!!

A day last week, I think it may have been Friday, I ventured into the city to take care of a few bill payments. Wending my way home through Swan Street, a street filled with one door stores run by Syrians and Indians and choc-a-block with all manner of folks selling everything under the sun alongside the sidewalks, I came across an old vendor selling avocados, what we refer to as "pears" on the island.
I had already passed a few others selling avocados, but when I stopped to query the price, I thought it was a bit extravagant for the size being offered for sale.
To be honest, I always try to spend my money with the older vendors who are trying to make a living outside of their monthly pensions.
There sat this old gentleman with a cart filled with fruit and vegetables and an array of "pears."
"How much for the pears?" I asked him.
"Three dollars," he replied.
"I would like one," I answered and immediately chose a lovely pear that was ripe and ready to eat.
He held out his hand for my payment which included a few coins. Checking the coins with his other hand, he suddenly cried out, "Ten cents drop!"
His cart was situated over a street drain, and I presumed the coin had fallen into the drain.  Thinking he would reach over and retrieve the coin later in the evening when he was packing up, I was just about to move off, when he again cried out, "Ten cents drop!"
I knew I had given him the money safely and it was no fault of mine that the coin had fallen from his grasp.
Not wanting to be mean, I said to him, "Why did you let the money fall?  I will give you another ten cents, and I reached into my purse and handed him another ten cent coin.
He smiled a toothy grin, and in that moment I began to wonder about the entire scenario.

The "pear" was lovely....smooth and buttery and it made some lovely sandwiches.
Today, as I made my way out of the city, I remembered the old gentleman and his "pears."
 I made a bee line for Swan Street, and there he was sitting once more with his cart positioned over the drain.....again.

Today, the pears were still three dollars, and I made sure I paid him with larger denominations.
The lovely smooth buttery textured pear
Today my pear cost me exactly three dollars, not three dollars and ten cents, and it was delightful.


  1. You are very kind and tolerant. I would like to think that I am too. However I should not be that tolerant and return. I am happy to give but not happy to be taken advantage of.

    1. Kind yes, but tolerant, not very much...the funny thing is, I can't remember hearing the coin drop at all!!
      I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt....however if that happens again, I will definitely call him out on it.

  2. I'm not an avocado fan but your photo and your desdription of its 'lovely smooth buttery texture 'makes it rather attractive.

    1. I am sure that you enjoy eating other things that I wouldn't dare put into my mouth, so we're


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