Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Stop invading My Space

Monday afternoon lunchtime, Brownie disappeared for quite a while after running into the garden to "do his business."
I found it strange that he did not return indoors as accustomed after a ten minute interval.
I looked outside and there he was with his mouth full of feathers....looking closer, I realised that it was one of the big maguffy pigeons that keep on teasing him by sitting on the edge of the roof preening and pooping on the walkway.
His mouth full to capacity, Brownie was striding with pride, as if to say "Look Mum I finally caught one...they are always invading my space."
"Brownie!!  Drop it!!"
He gave me a look of disbelief and then dutifully dropped it on the ground.
It was still alive, but very stunned.....I think he was pretending to be dead.

My friend Charles was here helping me with an electrical installation.....we opened the back garden gate and gently placed the pigeon on the ground, whereupon he got up in a hurry and moved off down the hill, presumably to rejoin his other gangster pigeon posse friends.

Let's hope that he takes the message back to the others that they should not mess with the little brown dog that lives at this house....and let's also hope that he has learned a time he may not be so lucky.


  1. I had two of those pigeons on my garden a few days ago. My Heidi is a naughty girl. Sadly they were both dead. It's upsetting but it happens. That's nature I suppose.
    Best wishes,

    1. Ilona, it's upsetting yes, but those pigeons make it so hard to like them.
      Your blog is one of my favourites and I enjoy reading your various adventures and traveling all over your beautiful countryside with you.

  2. I hope the message gets through but pigeons are a breed apart when it comes to being persistent.

  3. We will see if the messenger pigeon did a good job of delivering the message..
    Brownie leaves a little of his food back some days for his sparrow friends who come to chat with him every day..
    When he sees the pigeons come around to steal the sparrows rations, he gets very annoyed.

  4. I think Brownie needs to gear up for battle or learn to share. I'll be surprised if the pigeons leave but maybe they'll be more cautious.

    1. Brownie does not like the big maguffy pigeons....they poop on him sometimes when he is passing and they preen themselves in the water in the roof gutter and splash him up.
      I think, like me, he'd like to see them go.


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