Saturday, 22 November 2014

No sunshine today either

Another dismal rainy just wasn't wise to go out on my jaunt, not with the rain falling seriously from the sky all day long.....more flooding.
Stayed indoors all day wearing a warm cardigan and watching movies under the covers, while Mr.B slept on a towel on the floor to keep warm.
A tearjerker for me was "One Chance,"  the story of Paul Potts the opera singer who was the first winner of Britain’s Got Talent back in 2007.  Yes, I know I get quite emotional during some of these heart-wrenching movies, but (Spoiler Alert) it all turned out well in the end.
After lunch I ventured outside to film the water rushing down the watercourse beside my home.
You can hear the force of the water and see the large raindrops falling from the sky.
Dare I hope for sunshine tomorrow?


  1. Gosh - that's wet! I love the little video. We should all do more of them to show where we live. It brings places to life. Thank you.

    1. I will film a better video with a tour of the garden after the trees and shrubs are trimmed and the grass is cut again.
      It was just a quick little video with my phone, I will use my camera the next time....glad you liked it.

  2. This really is getting to you isn't it. Is rain that heavy really that unusual?

    1. It was a trough system that was affecting the island, and yes it did get to me to be stuck indoors for two entire days..... I am a sun worshiper for goodness sakes.
      Even though the hurricane season runs until October, we still have rainfall around this time of the year but not like that.
      Here is a news report


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