Friday, 21 November 2014

Phew! What a day!

Today it rained all day....tons and tons of raindrops fell all over the island....schools were closed and many places were flooded.

An entire day without sunshine......the water course beside my home was filled with torrents of water gushing downhill removing everything in its path....
Even Mr. BrownBerts was pretty pissed about being indoors all day.

.........and then this evening the rain abated just in time to see this........
 In a blaze of glory, the sun won over the skies for a brief moment......
....and was gone as quickly as it appeared.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be filled with lots more sunshine.


  1. We had the same kind of weather last week, Virginia. A huge storm came through on Thursday afternoon resulting in lots of flooding, Luckily no damage here, and despite the intensity of the storm it has been so dry plus a dry summer predicted, that the resultant rainfall was very welcome.

    1. Glad to hear that you did not suffer any damage from the storm.
      It's the same thing here, from one extreme to the other.....from awful drought conditions to flooding....a balance between the two would be ideal, but it is just not to be.
      It's going to take a while for the ground to dry out, which means the grass and the weeds will be having a party until then.

  2. Poor Brownie ... :) We are having some pretty nice weather, considering the time of year ... up to 14°C and sunny today and tomorrow. Normal temperatures would be around 4°C! But you do live in a lovely place! Btw, thank you for you kind comments on my blog. They are uplifting. An although my mother doesn't know that I have a blog, the comments I get on the blog, cheer me up and often shine through when I talk to her. So, thank you! Big hug. I hope you're gradually overcoming your recent loss. Martine

    1. Oh Martine, I had no idea that your Mum does not know that you have a blog...will you ever tell her? I think she would enjoy reading your blog.
      My comments are heart felt and I mean well.....I'm so happy for your Mum and her new flat...can't wait to see what decor tricks you two will get up to.
      The grieving process takes time and there is a long way to go yet, but we are doing okay....thank you for your kind words

  3. We've had days like that one after another combined with gales and worse. But then this is the Hebrides and we expect it. To me it's something to shout about when - as we had last week - three good days in a row. Of course it's not always that bad. Just 50 weeks a year.

    1. I guess it balances out having good weather and us having crummy weather.... we have to learn to share the good and the bad I suppose.
      So there are two good weeks to visit the Hebrides....when exactly do they fall?
      I'm hoping you have a good winter.


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