Monday, 24 November 2014


Today while I was out and about running a few errands, I found myself caught behind the mounted police neighbourhood patrol.

I love horses, so I was quite happy to drive slowly behind the patrol, while the traffic behind me blew their horns for me to pass them and get on with it.....but.....since I had no intention of doing so I snapped these photos instead.

I kept a safe distance so as not to spook the horses (even though they're trained to ride with vehicular traffic.)

The patrol rode two abreast in a somewhat tight formation, and were rather chatty.
As they approached the stop sign, the leader held his right hand up in a fist to indicate that they should come to a complete stop.

They made a left turn, while Beast and I made a right turn and continued on our way.
It was a lovely day to be outdoors horseback riding, and I felt a bit envious that I could not join them.


  1. Catching up again Virginia. People can be so inconsiderate when it comes to other road users and in particular horse riders. There are a lot of horses here and in NZ and, like you, I've been hooted at by impatient drivers behind me. Inconsiderate!!

    1. It seems everyone is always in a hurry these days, especially on the roads.
      I remember years ago as a child I was imploring my Mum to overtake another driver who was driving too slow in my opinion, and I'll never forget what she said to me that day. "This driver that is slowing us down may be shielding us from danger." Sure enough when we moved on a little further there was an overturned truck on the road ...a serious accident with another car....if we had been moving any faster we would have been involved in that accident.


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