Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A rant

I posted this on FaceBook yesterday since I was still reeling from the service I had received.
Professionalism seems to be a thing of the past.

"Okay I have to rant here.
I was in SurePay* Cave Shepherd today to pay a few bills.
The cashier was chatting on her cell phone, yet she called me forward "Next please!"
I approached her window and I thought she would finish her call before attending to me, but nooo.....she shoved her hand out for my bills and proceeded to process them while still talking on her cell phone to her friend. All the while I am trying to be civil and patient. I tell her the amounts I am paying.  She processes the first bill okay.  The last two bills she obviously isn't concentrating and processes the incorrect amount, and then to make matters worse, she hands me the wrong change. I point this out to her, and she says to her phone, "Wait, hold on a minute, I coming back to you" She then looks at me and says, "How much money you give me? Oh yes I have more change for you." and with that she went back to her call and handed me the remainder of my change.
This is the third time that I have been privy to a SurePay cashier on a cell phone while handling my transactions and invariably the bills are processed incorrectly.
Please SurePay can you ask your cashiers to refrain from talking on their cell phones while dealing with customers? It is downright rude and lacks true customer service.
Rant done."

* SurePay is a bill paying can pay an assortment of utility and other bills.


  1. I am lost for words. Absolutely lost for words. There is a certain irony though because I have just finished a post praising good customer service that I have received this week! I scheduled it for tomorrow because I had something else in mind for today but I've just changed my mind and when I've finished reading your blog I shall amend my post and post it today.

    1. I was at a TOTAL lost for words myself...normally I would have said something, but somehow words did not escape my lips. It was a surreal Twilight Zone moment for sure.
      High level representatives of both companies have contacted me and apologised for the service I received.
      I shall write a blog update on the outcome, since it is still ongoing..

  2. I thought I had commented on this post but evidently not. I may have got stuck in my thoughts because I don't think I've hardly ever had to pay any bills across counter, except to do with the estate of my father for a few months after his death, until we'd sorted that out. Since a number of years I've been paying my bills via the internet and before that by written payment orders posted to the bank.

  3. We do have e-billing here, but somehow I like the interaction of making payments with an actual person. When e-payments become mandatory, I guess I will change my method of bill payments.
    How else would a company know if their service reps are doing a good job like in this instance?


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