Sunday, 23 August 2015

It will be ready

Here I go again......
Another avocado story.....another story about wayside vendors and their "tricks" that they try to play on their customers.....another Friday in the city story.
If you remember my first avocado (pear) story, it revolved around ten cents.

I spent part of my Friday morning in the city taking care of business.
I did not drive that day and as per usual I found myself walking back to the terminal to take a mini van home.
When avocados are "in season" I make the most of it by enjoying at least one per week.
I passed several vendors along the way, and stopped at most of them to enquire of their prices. 
I must mention that we have several vendors that travel from the other islands to hawk their produce here on the island.  Our local vendors don't care for this practice, but it is what it is.
Many loud disputes can be witnessed between both parties regarding "stealing customers" and "wunnah for-ners always tekking food out me mout" as well as other allegations and threats that are not suitable to be repeated on this blog.

So I'm walking and price inquiring and most folks are showing me three sets of prices for the avocados according to the sizes displayed......or so I thought.
The prices ranged from $4.00 (small) to $6.00 (a good hefty looking one).
I stopped at a tray belonging to a non-local of East Indian descent that had several avocados displayed.
"How much are the pears?"
Using her right hand to point out the various sizes she said, "Dese are four dollars and dese are five dollars and dese are six dollars."
The guy that was ahead of me selected two pears from the four dollar section.
Taking the pears from the guy she proceeded to put them in a bag and then said, "Dah is ten dollars."
"Wait wuh kinda foolie you tink I is, you just say dat dem is four dollar pears, you could keep de frigging pears" and with that he threw the bag back into the tray and stormed away.
It was now my turn, I too selected a four dollar pear and handed it to her along with a five dollar note and stood waiting for my change, and she said, "Dah is a five dollar pear dat you got you know."
I promptly handed her back the pear and she handed me back my money with a mean glare in her eye.
I walked away shaking my head...but all was not lost.
There ahead of me was a nice young Bajan lady with a tray full of delicious looking pears.
"How much are your pears dear?"
"Five dollars," she said.
The pears were big and lovely and worth every bit of the five dollars so I bought one from her.
 I told her what had happened further up the street and she smiled and said, "Yes that happens a lot."
The pear wasn't ripe so I asked her, "Do you think it will be ready for my Sunday lunch?"
 "Oh yes it will be," she replied " just put it in a brown paper bag or some newspaper and put it on the kitchen counter till Sunday......and enjoy."
Would you believe that today Sunday the pear was ready to eat.

It was like butter.
Despite the awful drought that we've been having it was sweet and delicious and juicy and just GOOD.
Just GOOD I tell you....sooooooo GOOD!


  1. Looks like you had a win in the end. There's nothing like a good avocado, especially when locally grown. - Plain avocado spread on toast is my favourite way of eating them.

  2. Plain avocado on toast sounds delicious....I love avocado subbys filled with avocado slices, lettuce, cucumber and lots of salad dressing smeared with hot pepper sauce...yum yum yum.

  3. In NZ I could gather beautiful fresh avocados from the trees in many places or buy from the side of the road (just left in a basket with an honesty box for the money) for very little. I ate them frequently when they were in season. The stones in them were a lot smaller than the one in your picture though.

    1. Oh to be able to gather as many avocados as I could eat and share with others, I would be so happy during the season.
      I was out with my daughter recently and the lady was selling her "pears" for $3.50 each, that was like winning the lotto for me....we bought a few.
      I like the honesty box concept but I'm not sure how well that system would work here though...maybe among my friends and some other decent people......


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