Monday, 31 August 2015

Friends with benefits

On Friday evening my girlfriend who lives in the country popped by for a visit.
In her hand she held a bag.
And in that bag were many goodies from her garden.

There was also a surprise treat. She had made conkies too.
The avocado was a gift from my neighbour up the street.

I love figs (miniature bananas), and I welcomed these more than ever since I can't have bananas.
She has promised me a sucker from her fig tree to plant. I'm not sure how many figs Brazen and crew will let me get but I am willing to try.


A pumpkin that her monkeys had allowed her to harvest was cut into several portions to share among friends.
She also managed to reap a few sweet peppers despite the monkeys beating her to it most of the time.

A few wax peppers too.
One solitary cucumber....the monkeys were having a ball with her crops....she was at her wits end what her next step should be.
I reminded her about the trapper.


  1. Well of course I can't grow most of those items but at least I don't have monkeys to worry about for the things I can grow.

    1. Count yourself VERY lucky that you don't have monkeys to worry about in your garden.

  2. What a great friend. That's a regular feast of produce. I think we call those little bananas "sugar bananas" here - or are they something different again?

    1. It's always nice to know what names are given to other items around the world....I like the name of "sugar bananas"...that's a really cute name.


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