Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bath Day

A good day.
 I have no idea why Mum has put this cracker wrapper on my paw.

 Sometimes I truly believe that she is craz-eeee.

I'll play with it when I'm good and ready...... now.

 Any more crackers around?
 Mr. Brownie likes to play with wrappers after they're empty.  After a breakfast of crackers and cheese this morning, I placed the cracker wrapper on the floor beside him where he ignored it but still continued to eye it.
I picked the wrapper up and slid it on to his front left paw.
He continued to ignore it.
As soon as I turned and walked away, he was "savaging" the poor wrapper until he had torn two pieces off.
Who was he trying to fool?
Don't let that "Touched by an Angel" face drenched in sunshine fool you either, he was ready to play and was in a good mood.

A good mood.....a good day.....a good day for a bath.
He enjoyed the warm water from the hose and being soaped all over with a bar of Castile Cocoa Butter soap.
A final rinse off and a good rub down with the towel and he was as happy as a bug in a rug.
What is it with dogs after a bath.....they seem to take on a different extra dose of energy and love showered on me in licks and foot bumps with his head.
By the end of the evening he had rolled around in a pile of leaves but was still smelling clean...tomorrow is another day.


  1. Ha ha. I thought the wrapper may have been to keep him occupied while you got the bath ready. Because Missy is a small dog, I bath her in the laundry tub. Whenever she heard it being filled she would hide. Now that she can't hear as well, that's no longer a problem. Once in the "bath" she seems to enjoy it though and I know what you mean about afterwards - she's like a young pup again for a while.

    1. My Misty was a small dog and I could easily lift her with one hand...not so with Mr. Brownbie...lots of folks dropping remarks lately about how fat he's getting...he does have some weight so it's better for me to let him stand and give him a warm water hose bath which he enjoys.


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