Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My Security Guard

Mr. Brownbie really looks after me....I can't say that any simpler or any better.
You already know that I don't like the white geckos living in the house...see here and here.
We call them "white lizards" here on the island.
I still haven't figured out why they migrate into the interior of the house instead of staying outdoors in the fresh cool breeze where there are many flies and gnats to consume.
Image borrowed from
During my Christmas house cleaning I discovered another gecko in my office which seemed to have made itself totally "at home" including his messy bathroom habits.
I sprayed him and took him outside after he started to stumble around....he lost his tail in the process...yes they shed their tails during traumatic events....wish I had a tail I could have shed as well when he was traumatizing me...oh but I digress.
I had had a very good look at that one with his various markings and facial looks.
Thought he was gone for good....but noooooo!
I awake very early as you know and the first thing I do is head to my office and take care of emails and blog reads in the early morning quietude before the world wakes up.
Imagine my horror when I turned the light on in my office yesterday morning and there stood that same lizard on my wall with its fat bum and a grin on his face...I kid you not.  He had grown his tail back....yes they do that too.
Stepped quickly to the cupboard to get the BOP insecticide while keeping my eyes on that brute because they move very quickly.
I believe I must have startled him with the bright light so suddenly that he stood still as if he thought that would make him disappear.
The first burst of insecticide sent him scurrying into the corner where I sent another big burst of spray his way.
Sprayed him and sprayed him till he took cover behind my desk. Of course by then I'm sitting and working on my pc and keeping a wary eye out for the critter.
I settled into my work routine and then I heard him bashing around on the top shelf of my storage cupboard...he was really stomping around up there like a child that was having a least that's what it sounded like.
Next thing I know that brute jumped right off the shelf and headed my way.
With my shrill cry, Brownie my Security Guard was on his feet immediately.
When he saw what had made me scream, my brave boy took a long "gallop" towards that lizard on the floor and grabbed it in his mouth and ran off outside where he deposited it on the ground and promptly started to play with it like a cat plays with a mouse until it's dead.
I made sure the lizard was dead and tossed it away over the water course that runs along the side of my house.
I then made sure I gave Mr. Brownie a small dose of apple cider vinegar to counteract any toxins he may have swallowed from handling the sprayed lizard in his mouth.
I gave him a pat on his head  with a "Good Boy Brownie!" and he was as proud as a peacock.
Would you believe that his vet Dr.Huey called later in the afternoon to check on him to see how he was doing?
It's as if the two of them have some kinda ESP between them.
I am glad the lizard is finally gone....or is he?


  1. I guess cold climate has its advantages as well as disadvantages... ;) Around -10'C here todag (~14'F). ;)

    1. To be honest I prefer the lizard to the cold
      Gosh -10C that is COLDDDD....brrr.

  2. When I lived in Cairns, it was common for them to get into your TV, chew the wiring and fry the TV. We get a few where we live now but nothing like when I lived in the Tropics. Do yours make the click click sound all night?

    1. Oh my goodness, for the lizard to be living in the tv and killing the wiring would have drove me bonkers...never heard of that happening here, thank goodness.
      No click click sounds at night, just blobs of SHIT everywhere.

  3. Well suddenly the wind, hail and rain don't sound so bad.

    1. You do make me laugh GB!
      Stay warm.

  4. I'm glad you didn't miss the photo opportunity!

    1. CJ I forgot to give kudos to the photo (now I have). It's not my photo, I borrowed it from the internet.
      The lizards move really fast so I don't think I would have had a great photo opportunity, I was more interested in getting the insecticide before it dis appeared.


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