Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 31st already!!!

I still can't believe how fast the first month of the new year has come and gone already.
I hope the rest of the year doesn't speed along quite that fast for I have so many things all lined up to accomplish.

Great News!! Mr. Brownbie is all well again.
His last "Septra" tablet was taken on Thursday, but he was already showing signs of a full recovery after two days on the medication.
 Here he is playing the "I can out-stare you" game with me after lunch.

 "I will win this game know you lose all the time."
Yes, he did out stare me...I always end up laughing because his "serious as a judge" corky face is so funny after a while, I can't help but laugh.
YES we are headed into February....let's keep this 2016 party going strong, I'm hoping to post a lot more this year...fingers and toes crossed.


  1. time seems to have flown by this year so far. I cant beleive February is here already.

    1. Time surely does fly doesn't it?
      I'm going to make sure the year doesn't pass me by...tons of To-Do things on my list.


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