Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Birthday Lunch

As you already know, every year on our birthdays Daughter Dear and I find ourselves at a restaurant that we haven't tried out before.

Yesterday for her birthday lunch we visited "Wok Up" restaurant on the south coast.
Located upstairs Lanterns Mall in Hastings, Christ Church, the friendly staff treated us like treasured customers.
The service was impeccable, the food came quickly after our order was placed and the staff were so very very nice....this is how I remember the service in Barbados used to be back in the good old days.

Wok Up is a rice and noodle build a bowl restaurant. ...a very innovative concept.
I was instantly reminded of know Kramer right?
If there are any Seinfeld fans out there, you will remember when Kramer wanted to open a pizzeria where one builds your own pizza pie....was funny then but not so much now...the concept works.
Birthday girl with celebratory glass of wine.
Complained she doesn't get as much attention on my blog as Brownie so hence this beautiful photo.
Yes the Sprite is my celebratory drink.

Rice Noodles, Chicken and Green Curry for her.
Brown Rice, Fish and Green Curry for me.
The two hot chile peppers beside the Green Curry on the menu board didn't phase us at all.
Yes some of the fish traveled home with me for you know who.
Do you see how carefully she is holding that take-away bag?
The tasty portions were so big that we had to take some home with us.

Safely back downstairs, we both made a promise that we will definitely be returning to this lovely restaurant.
The lovely atmosphere, the friendly staff, the great food, the good prices, who could ask for more?
The online reviews are great too!
Kudos to the staff and management!!!
We'll be back.....and soon.

Brownie has written his own review:
Woof! Woof!!  Darn that fish was super tasty, wish I could go with Mum next time she goes to Wok Up.

After the delicious meal we headed over to "Four and Twenty Bakery" an upscale bakery and patisserie located in Wildey Industrial Park, where the cakes and pies are to die for.
After a  few minutes of careful decision Daughter Dear chose a gateau made of layers of white chocolate mousse, cake and a passion fruit topping.
I don't drink....but..........
You know I'm the Baileys spokesperson, so my choice was the mini Baileys cheesecake.
I'm so sorry that I forgot to take photos, but that's understandable because my poor brain was in overdrive being surrounded by so much good stuff to eat.
Reports are that the gateau was absolutely delicious "I should have bought two!"
The Baileys cheesecake was highly flavoured with the Irish cream liqueur and topped with cream and mini candy coffee freaking good..."I should have bought the entire tray!"

A wonderful day with wonderful food and wonderful company...what better way to spend a 36th????


  1. Sounds like a great day and wish your daughter happy birthday from Australia. She is a beautiful young woman. Tell her we all know you are proud of her - even if Brownie does get more attention

    1. It was a great day for her...she spends the day with me and the night with her friends.
      Thank you for the kind wishes, they have been passed on to her and she says thanks.
      When I first started my blog her comment to me back then was that she didn't want to find herself starring in photos whenever I chose, so I respected her wishes, now she's older and she wants to give Brownie a run for his She has got a lot of catching up to do because he is the star attraction and has his own fans.

  2. It's good to know that you had a lovely day with your beautiful daughter (takes after her Mum!). It was very good to be able to put a face to the name after all this time. The main course looks very much up my street and the sweets sound wonderful but I'm not really a 'sweet' person.

  3. Thanks GB, I guess from now on she'll be starring on my blog but will definitely not be taking away any star power from Mr. Brownbie.

  4. Thank you Tammy....greetings passed on to Daughter Dear.


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