Monday, 15 February 2016

A lovely Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day but it was also the first day of the Lenten season.
Amazingly daughter dear asked me if we could go to church together at another problem.
We attended the morning 8am service at Christ the King church where a warm welcome was extended to us.
Christ The King Church  is the youngest church in the Diocese of Barbados.

Since Mums passed, I have been attending church all by myself, so it was really nice to be worshiping with my daughter once again. 
From the smiling ushers at the door who invited us to sign the guest book to the comfy chairs and breezy sanctuary I felt right at home spiritually.
The entire service was conducted with the use of electronic messaging on two large screens at the front of the church.
The priest, Father Johnson affectionately known as "Father J" preached a nice sermon and his words found a place in my heart.
The Altar could easily be seen since it was centered just a few steps away from the congregation seated in the first row.
I liked the fact that the Altar Servers were all ladies and that they were taking up prominent positions in the church.
Naturally, during the the reading of The Notices at the end of the service, each guest was invited to stand up and be I know why the guest book was there....I stood and waved to the congregation who smiled and said hello.
There was also a Rededication Call at the end of the service....I liked that very much....sometimes our faith needs that extra touch to stay redefine our Recommitment to Christ.
It was then that Father J said he wouldn't keep us any longer because he knew us ladies will be wanting to indulge in our cheesecake and ice cream for the special day.
After the service refreshments were served but we did not stay to partake.
Borrowed from Google images
Instead we headed off to lunch and what do you think I had for dessert.....yes a big slice of cherry cheesecake....thanks for the temptation Father J!!!
For Lent I had been thinking of giving up desserts.

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