Saturday, 20 February 2016

Holetown Festival 2016

Well it serves me right...yes it serves me right for making the decision to go to the Holetown Festival a bit later than I usually do.
I had decided to drive to Speightstown first to run a few errands and go to the festival afterwards.
Who tell me to do that????
Leaving the north of the island and driving back to the west coast venue soon became a headache.
The traffic flow being regulated by the police was just awful and it meant that it took the greater part of an hour to circle the festival and find somewhere to park.
By that time I had missed the old vintage car parade and barely got there to see a teeny bit of the street fair parade....darn.
All was not lost however, I still was able to take a few photos of this cultural affair, so here goes.

 The Queens of the Festival

 The sun was hot... so I can understand the kid pannists having a "sit-down" until it was time to join the parade again.
Tuk Band
The tuk band musicians were mingling with the crowd playing their sweet music as they went merrily along.
I found a short Youtube video here to give you an idea of the music.
 Local handmade jewelry

 Local painters displaying their talents on canvas.


 Stalls as far as the eye could see.

  This guy was a bit fishy.

  Locally made grass/reed baskets.

Bags.....bags.........bags....and more bags.

 Gorgeous batik works adorned the front of this stall.

 Conch shells


 Wooden sculptures

 My girlfriends at their plant stall.

 Mr. Balloon Guy was clowning around as usual.

The Queens of the Festival mingling with their subjects.

Sea Urchin shells

Bajan Balmz
There was a menthol herbal salve that should have come home with me.

Herbal Soaps with a heavenly scent.

 My friend Ezra in his plant stall.
Will collect my plant from his home....too tired to walk with it today.

  YEAH!!! I was still able to see some of the vintage cars parked at the back of the festival and get a really close look.

The Holetown Festival is a yearly event that we all look forward to and therefore it is always crammed "choc a bloc" with visitors.
This year was no exception and the many happy patrons made it quite hard to walk around unhindered, and this lead to many "stop and stare" moments.
Despite this, I still enjoyed my wander around and meeting up with friends I have not seen in a while.

Time to head home and feed you know who.

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