Thursday, 25 February 2016

That's what friends are for

A friend of mine was robbed of most of his electrical items..   Even though he knows who it was that did the deed, the police have not been very helpful.  Eyewitnesses have come forward and still nothing can be done.....unbelievable.
I had extras knocking around so today I dropped them off for him.
It brings me so much JOY to see the happiness in people's faces when they receive an unexpected kindness.
Daughter dear hearing the sad story volunteered a radio belonging to her dad....have I raised her right or what!!!
My friend can watch a movie and listen to music tonight and I am happy.


  1. I know, of course, that you are a kind person so your actions come as no surprise. The inactivity of the police does seem a bit odd though if only because this could be one case to improve their statistics or doesn't that matter?

    1. There are lots of oddities regarding our police force...enough said.
      Once I can help I will extend two helping hands to anyone that needs help.

  2. How frustrating that nothing is being done by the police!! Fortunately, he has kind friends like you. :o)

    1. Very frustrating indeed and that's why many folks here take care of their own business.


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