Monday, 22 February 2016

Bloody Hell!

I really don't want to write about today's episode but it must be noted.
You see that innocent doggie face above?  Don't be fooled.
This morning I decided I would take Mr. Brownbie for a quick vet visit to have his glands checked.
Loaded him into Beast on the front passenger seat but in two minutes he promptly disappeared into the back of the vehicle to lie on the left car mat with his head tucked under the seat.  Strange I thought, but at least he was lying still.
Arriving at the vet's office, it was tricky getting him out from his hideaway position but it was achieved.
No sooner than we pushed the entrance door we were given our usual warm welcome.
I sat comfortably in a chair with Brownbie on my lap with other clients commenting how well behaved and how cute he was just sitting peacefully "leash-less" on my lap.....he really is a good dog.
Soon it was our turn.
It's always good to see the vet and today as usual he teased me about him wanting to be taken care of the same way I take good care of Mr. B.
The doc cleans Mr.B's glands and checks his ears with no problem.
Mr. Brownbie has a nail on his front right paw that seems to grow faster and longer than the others and I asked to have it trimmed.
I know that Brownie does not like to have his nails trimmed but I steady his head and hold him while the good doc starts to trim the nail.
Next thing I know Brownie has sprang up out of my grip and has delivered two bites on the doc's right hand...I see the blood falling and the exam table is soon covered with healthy drops of red.
I spy the nail clipping at the other end of the table.
Brownie is lying down again as if nothing has happened.
I am shocked and feeling really terrible as the doc rushes to the sink and washes his hand with copious amounts of antibacterial scrub....he continues to let the water wash over his hand for a little while.
"Oh Dr. Huey I'm so sorry!" I cried.  "Brownie  you naughty boy!"
The doc is nursing his hand and drying it with a paper towel.
He makes his notes on the card and says in that ever gentle voice, "Hey little one, what got into you today?" 
I am dying inside, so embarrassed and feeling really bad.
"Can I see your hand?" I ask him, and he extends it for me to see, and tells me not to worry.
I worry.
What I see are two bites across his outer palm where the veins are and I'm wondering how ever will he be able to finish his work today.
As I head outside with the naughty one, I tell the receptionist I will take him home and return to cover the bill.
I drive home with Mr.B. in the vehicle and I talk to him telling him how naughty he has don't bite the hand that cares for you.
Back at home I find a card and write...
"So So Sorry....Forgive Me? Love Brownie" inside and head out to get a nice bottle of wine and the butter cookies that the doc loves...I place them in a gift box.
Back at the office I pay the bill and hurriedly leave the gift for the doc and some extra cookies for the staff...too ashamed to face him.
Later in the afternoon the best vet in the world calls me and thanks me and tell me not to worry that it happens sometimes and that he is okay.
He then quips "You'd better bring him back down to bite me some more if I'm going to get more of these lovely gifts!" to which I laughed.
I felt better....much much better.
Dr. Huey you are the best!

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