Saturday, 5 March 2016

Chinese Fish and Dragon Festival encore - Serious Play

The Chinese Fish and Dragon Festival which I attended a couple of weeks ago had many components and activities included which I did not get to attend.

However, last Saturday (February 27th) I found myself in the city running a few errands and made a hasty decision to visit the "Serious Play" art exhibition being hosted at the EXCHANGE Gallery across from The Central Bank of Barbados.
The three artists on show were Joshua Lue Chee Kong (Trinbagonian from Trinidad and Tobago), Versia Harris (Barbadian) and Leandro Soto (Cuban/American).
The pleasant guard on duty was very helpful with my query whether it was okay to take photos. A quick phone call to the Curator proved that it was permissible to do so.
The lighting inside the gallery was perfect for the display but I'm afraid my camera did not do fair justice to the pieces.
This year being the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese lunar calendar some of the displayed works portrayed and highlighted the monkey.
Himself as Emperor

Himself as Warrior
Himself as Performer
The monkey paintings were done by Versia Harris.
The moulded clay figures were made by Joshua Lue Chee Kong.
The drawings and artwork were done by  Leandro Soto.

Video Demonstration
Messages in bottles

Moulded Memories by Josh Lu

Trinidad Chinese Flag...I liked this concept.

Artist Bio of  Joshua Lue Chee Kong

 Artist Bio of  Versia Harris

Artist Bio of Leandro Soto
I loved the fact that I had the gallery all to myself to explore and get close up and personal to each piece of artwork...(I arrived early not long after the gallery opening).
I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if it were crowded with lots of people.
To the artists I say ....Fascinating and truly creative....keep up the good work.


  1. I like the sailboat drawings!

  2. Replies
    1. It was cool too that I had the exhibits all to myself.

  3. That really is beautiful in it's clean complexity. I would not have been able to enjoy it if there were others milling around.

    1. It was strange but yet relaxing to have the gallery all to myself.


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