Monday, 28 March 2016

Spa Bath Day

I don't know the last day I went to the spa for a relaxing's been a while.
On the other hand Mr. BrownBerts had a lovely rub-a-dub-dub bath on Saturday with warm water from the hose and a bar of Castile Cocoa Butter soap.
It was his Easter bath and it also washed away all traces of his recent illness.

Here he is rolling around on his new towel (Christmas present)..... I try to dry under his tummy and along his back.

What is it about wet hair that dogs enjoy licking so much?

Under his neck is fully's just the hair to grow back and he's all good again.

Here he is licking his back paw that I just towel dried....maybe he does it better I don't know.
A small scratch under the neck

All clean and smelling so nice again...soft fluffy hair all ready for cuddling.


  1. I was glad to read that Mr B was back on form. As for having a spa bath: I have one but use it only a couple of times a year. Showers are so much quicker and easier.

    1. After a hard days work in the garden would be a great time for a spa should use yours more regularly though.
      Brownie had the full treatment, ears, teeth, paws...he loved it.


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