Friday, 4 March 2016

My poor boy

This week has been just awful for my poor boy Brownie.
I decided to give him his wormer treatment on Sunday and all seemed well until Tuesday.
The Endolav Plus consisted of a two tablet dose and as I dispensed them I wondered why two tablets were needed as a single dose....why so much potency for a regular worm treatment.
He was very restless for most of Monday and Tuesday and seemed to be in some kind of discomfort.
By Tuesday night my poor boy was vomiting every which way accompanied by diarrhea of the bloody kind.  It was a sleepless and restless night for both of us.
Early Wednesday morning we were at the vet where the poor thing had no less than three injections to settle him down.  His prostate was also checked. We came back home and he spent most of the afternoon digging holes in the garden as if he were trying to overcome his pain????
At first it did seem like he would have settled down but all during the night he paced up and down, up and down and continued his sickly motions.
Another sleepless and restless night for both of us.
Thursday morning he didn't seem to be settling down. He continued vomiting with diarrhea and by then he was looking a bit weak but continued to dig even more holes in the garden  Around 1pm I rushed him back to the vet.  He was immediately placed on a drip and held for observation.
Leaving him with his friend Mousee in the good care of both vets, I came home and tried to concentrate on one of my indoor projects but my concerted effort wasn't paying off at all.
The house was quiet and it was strange later that evening walking up the driveway to clear the mailbox on my own.
Sleep was a foreign friend and I spent most of the early evening watching tv and wondering how he was doing.
This morning I awoke with no pawing alerting me to a new day, no walk around outside to greet the new breakfast banter on what we were going to have for breakfast...just one big void.
Monkee sat in the same position on the floor where he had left him before being rushed to the vet.  Amazingly Monkee held this position without falling over at all.

My first call to the vet at 9am to find out if Brownbie had a good night was met with a  "He's okay you can come down and visit."  Not the words I wanted to hear.
I didn't want to go and let him think he was coming home so I decided to call again around lunch time hoping he'd be discharged by then.
I really didn't want to hear these words.
"You can bring his lunch down since he isn't eating...we want to monitor him some more."  Oh dear.
I'd purchased two large chicken breasts just for him and I steamed a good sized portion and packaged it up and hurried through the door.
Walking down to the infirmary kennels, I caught sight of him before he saw me....he was so happy to see me.  His ears immediately pricked up and a sudden spring was in his step.
I took him outside to have lunch under a shady tree and have a chat with him explaining that he wasn't coming home as yet.
Then the miracle happened.  Both vets caught sight of him "yamming down" the chicken as if there was no tomorrow.
"Dr. Pollard you have got to see this...look at that little wonder he won't eat anything here...look at what he's having for lunch," said  Dr. Huey.
"Wow he's good," replied Dr. Joy as I affectionately call her, "he can definitely go home."
Music to my ears.
Brownie promptly finished his meal and sat looking around with a look of "Can we go now?" on his face
We were given some additional medicine and the patient was discharged.
Big "THANK YOUUU's" were uttered loudly from my lips and we headed home.
As we pulled up at the house, Mr. Brownie sprang out of Beast "quick, fast and in a hurry" and made himself at home immediately.
Christened a few of his favourite areas, had some more chicken, drank copious amounts of water and then settled down for a nap while I watched "Nothing to Declare."
Here he is back at home resting peacefully....I'm so glad he's back.

Since this I have done some research on the wormer and the first two side effects listed are vomiting and diarrhea.  The vet has agreed to change to another wormer since my poor boy had such a serious allergic reaction to the Endolav Plus.  Now that I think about it, the same thing happened last time....never again.


  1. Oh dear. I'm so sorry that I've missed all this whilst I've been away in NZ and not in Blogland much. I'm so glad that Mr B is back in harness so to speak. I sort of know how he feels and empathise. I had a rather nasty similar situation before I came back to Scotland.

    1. Thank goodness he's all better again...hope you're back to "okay" too.


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