Monday, 21 March 2016


It's been a while, actually just over two weeks that I have not been around.
Mr. Brownbie was still recuperating and when he's not 100% neither am I.
He had developed a large hotspot  (pyotraumatic or moist dermatitis) under his neck in the same area where he had one a few years ago, but this one was far bigger.
This one was an angry area of red moist oozing skin that was inflamed and infected.
It itched like crazy and was rather painful for Mr. Brownbie.
The vet placed him on Prednisone for a few days to help relieve the itching.
An oral antibiotic (Septra) was also prescribed for 5 days for the pain and inflammation.
I was also told not to mess around with the area, just keep it clean.
After the meds were finished, the spot was still a big concern but at least it had began to show signs of healing.
Then I remembered my good friend.
Did I tell you about my good friend Mr. Google?  We have been friends for many years and it seems that we are getting closer everyday....he shares secrets and unknown facts with me, and I tell him how great he is and give him a pat on his back every time he shares a nugget of knowledge that is truly fascinating.
I know you already know that I like to learn new things.
Well after the vet had told me to clear the hair from the hotspot area and leave it alone, I went on a knowledge quest with Mr.Google and discovered that there were quite a few home remedies for curing hotspots.
My other good friend Dr.Andrew Jones is invaluable with his holistic knowledge for treating pets at home.
Other bloggers with canine families also wrote about it here.
I decided to try the tea and aspirin method on the hotspot.

I steeped a black tea bag (tea has tannins for drying the area) and dissolved an aspirin in the tea. I used this concoction to clean the area four times a day.
I made a big batch of tea which I stored in the fridge and used it throughout the day.  I poured some on  to cotton rounds and wiped the area.
The spot started to look much better by the second day.
I continued to enlist Mr. Google's help and discovered that coconut oil (I used Organic Extra Virgin) was invaluable for healing.
I started using the coconut oil on the area after it was cleaned.  It soothed the spot and I was literally shocked at the increased healing.

Today, the area has a scab that will probably soon fall off revealing a nicely healed skin.  In the interim it is a bit itchy (healing cuts/sores always itch), but Brownie only gives it a brief scratch with his right back paw.
Now that my boy is on his way to a full recovery, I am happy as a bug in a rug.
Thanks to our wonderful vets Dr. Huey and Dr. Pollard, and Nurse Charmaine and the wonderful RSPCA staff...I don't know what I would have done without you during all the years I have had my dogs.
We are forever thankful for all of you wonderful caring professionals.
Here is another story about the wonderful RSPCA staff that warmed my heart.


  1. Oh I am so glad he is feeling better, and I am a huge fan of using natural helaing methods.

    1. Yes, he is definitely feeling MUCH MUCH better....ask me how I know.
      Natural healing methods are my favourite way to make things better.

  2. That is such a good (almost) ending to read.

    1. There's nothing like being healthy and vibrant and ALIVE!!
      He is back to himself again, so watch out world!

  3. Hi Virginia! I popped over from Angus' blog to read about your hotspot remedy. Otto, my rottweiler has a big one, and the tea and aspirin looks like something I need to try. He has antibiotics and some salve from the vet, but I like the idea of washing it with something soothing several times per day. Thanks! BTW, I always enjoy reading your comments about Bob and Sophie! -Lisa and Otto


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