Sunday, 16 October 2016

Going Once! Going Twice!!


Yesterday my jaunt destination was only a stone's throw from my home.
An auction was being held at one of the warehouses on the Industrial Park compound.
No need to disturb Beast from his rest in the garage at all. I took a leisurely stroll across the street leaving him at home.
As usual viewing was from 9am and the auction sale started at 10am.
I know I have written before about our local Auctioneers having their own following....and Mr.Auctioneer Andy is in a class of his own. He is a jovial friendly guy and being a homeboy he is liked by all, hence his auctions are always well attended.
Let me point out here that Bajan auctions are not conducted like regular auctions....they are so VERY different.
It's a combination of a "meet and greet" with a circus flair which in turn leads to much fun and laughter during the event.
No registering, no paddles, just everyone milling around and having fun.
Sometimes it gets a bit noisy and the Auctioneer shouts, "Quiet Please!"  All of two seconds later folks are chatting away again. I've come to realise that the big spenders are the ones creating the most noise.
Speaking of "the following", there is always someone selling drinks and lovely eats by the door and folks come in eating and drinking and being quite merry.  They know not to view the items while eating but once the last mouthful is swallowed, hands are wiped, cups and soda bottles are discarded and a serious "let's get down to business" look appears on their faces. 
Their mission now is to seek out any item that may appeal to them or some interested party (yes there are some serious absentee bidders as well).
This is followed by an intense ritual that can only be described as a serious "touchy feely" inspection of all of the displayed items.
This is done with mirth and seriousness at the same time.  Every item is studied carefully.  Other bidders are watched closely at an angle to ascertain whether they are also interested in what may have caught their eye....this is serious business folks!!....the predator dance has begun.
Many discussions are held mainly for some bidders to sway others from bidding on that particular item.
"Man dat guine tek nuff work to mek dat look good again!  I telling you!"
Later on in the auction, the swayer can be seen bidding on said item while the swayee sits with a dismayed look on their face. Sometimes the swayee jumps in and then a real bidding war starts....that is always lots of fun.
Several "Disputes" also take place and then the poor Auctioneer has to make things right by making sure there is a fair bidding outcome.
After walking around and inspecting the merchandise, I settled into a comfy chair near the door and in the pathway of a fan that had been set up to keep the Auctioneer cool.
 The merchandise was a mix of new and contemporary stuff interspersed with "old time"/vintage items from the good old days. 
 "All Items Sold As Is....No Returns"
A few minutes before 10am after the terms and conditions were announced, we were off and running down the rabbit hole.
Auctioneer Andy's PA System went bum so he resorted to his own loud voice.

Speaking of 'Old time" you know what this is?

Here is a close up......give up?   It's an old hot water bottle.
I learn so much when I attend these auctions...I make a point of learning something new every single day so this is a perfect example of doing so.

Here is an old well made it almost had me fooled.
The gentleman next to me was explaining to his friend that he could purchase it and turn it into a small portable

Old stoneware Conaree jar...also here.
Old time Harbour Police Rum bottle made by Doorly's Barbados a highly sought after collectible item by spirit connoisseurs.
Had I known this I would have bid on this item and made a killing on

All kinds of items from plastic dishware to the old time "jukking board" leaning against the wall.
This was used to wash clothes in a deep wash pan in the older days.
I had my eye on the mirror but the bidding war went too high.

Large comfy chairs....beautiful lamps....home decor items.

So many items to choose from.

Older appliances that still work great and put the newer ones to shame.
Look at this lovely painting.
Did I say painting?   It's actually an embroidered masterpiece.

Here are the closeups......

Can you see the individual stitches?   Wow how long that must have taken....such love and dedication, not to mention a HUGE amount of patience. I don't have that kind of patience that's for sure.
What a beautiful outcome....I'm truly impressed.

These rain barrels also caught my eye, but since I already have a water collection tank, I left them for others to bid on.

I left around 1pm to go home and feed the hungry mongrel and myself, and went straight back afterwards.
By 5pm it was all over.
What did I buy?  Nada.
I am at present conducting a huge purge of unnecessary items from my home, so no need to bring anything else in.  I only buy  NEEDED items.
I enjoyed my day.  I saw some old friends and had some lovely chats and enjoyed many jokes too (too hott for this blog to be retold here).
Everything but three items I believe were sold but afterwards folks (especially the late comers) negotiate with the Auctioneer for these items.
A Bajan auction day....who could ask for more...I had a great time.


  1. I have noticed items being sold at auction for way more than the price of a new item. I think buyers get into a frenzy. Good on you for only buying what is needed.

    1. It happens all the time....folks will get into the bidding frenzy and then spend more than the new item costs in the store...things that make you go hmmm.
      Brings a smile to my face every single time.

  2. A great post, Vee. Really interesting, thankyou.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it time I must record a video.

  3. I went with CJ and his wife around an antiques emporium today. Apart from having a wonderful morning coffee and cake I was astonished at all the things tucked away. However, like you, I'm disposing not acquiring these days. As for the jukking board we called them washboards and they were popular with skiffle groups as a musical instrument. My grandparents used the large earthenware hot water bottles too. A lovely informative and nostalgic post.


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