Saturday, 8 October 2016


 It seems as if I have been shedding tears for the entire month of September.
Losing my male friends one by one by one has taken a toll on me and has made me take a philosophical stance to life now more than ever. 
Today was a day of reflection for me.
Last Saturday afternoon I attended the funeral of  my friend Doyle.
We were neighbourhood friends with a lot in common in our interests, music and friends.
We found ourselves going to events with each other until folks thought we were a couple....we might have been, but I won't tell.
He had a smile a mile wide and could "outlaugh" you after telling a good joke.
His charming smile and warm demeanor made you feel very comfortable in his presence, as if you could share all your innermost secrets with him.
He was a no-nonsense guy and whenever we girls were out enjoying ourselves we felt safe with him around. 
The trouble-makers always kept their distance and never attempted to approach any of us girls while Doyle was in the midst.
Speaking of our interest in music, he was an Earth Wind & Fire fan and we "carried our own key" to many of our favourite songs long before karaoke was born. 
I vividly remember one night at a party of a mutual friend as we sat chatting away while we had our dinner. "Fantasy" by EWF spilled out from the cassette deck in the living room and then we started singing intuitively, he taking the intro and me picking up the second verse and both of us thrilling out the chorus at the top of our voices and hitting those high notes in perfect key, till everyone was staring at us enjoying ourselves and then they all joined in, it was so much fun that night.
The years rolled on by.   Life took over but we still ran into each other every so often.
Then I went overseas to pursue my studies and when I returned we both had different life objectives...we somehow grew apart....too busy with life to be busy as friends.
When I received the news of his illness, it made me sad...another vibrant soul leaving us behind.
Soon he was gone, but I will always have fond memories of him.
To you my friend, may you soar to new adventures singing all the way.
I will miss you.

"As you glide in your stride
with the wind as you fly away
Give a smile from your lips and say
Are you free....yes I'm free
And I'm on my way."    Earth Wind & Fire "Fantasy"


  1. Oh I am sorry Virginia, you do seem to have had a rather sad time lately. I hope things start looking up soon.

    1. Yes it has been a sad time but it will be okay someday...this I know.
      My death cycles comes along in threes so Doyle is the last in this cycle until it starts again, which I hope won't be any time soon.

  2. I read this beautiful tribute yesterday and it made me wonder long and hard about life and friendships.

    1. Thanks GB but I do wonder if wondering long and hard about life can bring positivity to the I being cynical?
      I am even wondering if maybe I have too many friends.

    2. One can never have too many real friends Virginia.


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