Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Waste not Want not

Outside is dry and HOTT.
The fruit trees are empty...what tree wants to bear fruit in this extreme heat?
The neighborhood fruit trees are empty.
Brazen and crew have resorted to eating the green pods from the river tamarind trees (Leucaena leucocephala).
They're definitely down to their last option and very hungry when they begin munching on those weed trees.
Betcha they all wish they had some of those mangoes that they bit and threw into my garden right about now.
Earlier this year.

I could walk my garden any given morning and there would be discarded fruit thrown hither thither and yon.

Brazen and crew love sitting on the back wall to enjoy their breakfast of mangoes or any other fruit they can find.

One would think that they would eat the entire fruit especially if it's ripe......
.....but NOOOO.  They love taking a bite or two and then tossing it to the ground.

It seems such a waste.

Why they have this wasteful habit I don't know.

If I had found that delicious ripe mango on a tree, I would gobble it all up.

Now Brazen Monkey and his crew have to resort to eating trashy weedy  trees .  That's all they can find to eat.
Serves them right too.  Betcha they're wishing with all their might that they could find a ripe mango or two these days.
Tough luck.
They need to learn Waste Not Want Not.


  1. Brazen and his friends really are naughty monkeys aren't they. I think I've mentioned before how much I love mangoes and here they cost heaps. I would be furious to see them just waste them.
    Hope you get some rain soon.

    1. Wish Brazen and crew would pick and leave some of these delicious ripe mangoes for me on the wall when they are passing by. Brownie loves mangoes and I always have to rush around the garden picking up the bitten fruit before he get to it. Have no idea what diseases Brazen and his crew may have.

  2. I wonder if they do remember the Good Times and compare them or learn?

    1. Have no idea whether they think how wasteful they have been....guess it's just like Bob Marley said "In the abundance of water they fool is thirsty."
      I don't think they will ever learn, that's just one of their traits.


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