Friday, 13 January 2017

A Blissful Day

As we all know, daughter dear and I always celebrate our birthdays by going to a "new"(*) eaterie and yesterday was no different.
"Mum for my birthday we can check out Bliss Cafe," she said a few days ago.
"Sure no prob, whatever you want," I replied.
Her cousin Jerae is here visiting on the island as she came in especially to spend Nat's birthday with her...... a very nice gesture.
The two of them are more like sisters than cousins, so the three of us set out for our birthday brunch to celebrate the "old girl".
With our appetites in high gear we arrived at Bliss Cafe located on the south coast in Dover, Christ Church.
Bliss Cafe

Bliss is a family run business with the husband and wife team of Ray and Nicola at the forefront backed up with a very friendly staff.

The Art Gallery wall

The Menu Board took a while to take it all in.
There was so much deliciousness to choose from.
I liked the Vegan Options and the Natural Juices that were available.
We finally decided to try the homemade waffles and boy am I glad that we did.
No fast food here as the food took a little while but that's because it was FRESHLY prepared with great care and I suspect a lot of love.
Birthday girl's plate.
Delicious made-to-order waffle topped with ham, cheese, baby spinach and scrambled egg surrounded by a honey mustard sauce.

The food was definitely worth the wait.

The two cousins were in deep thought as they ate...couldn't get a word out of them until after the first few minutes.
They were enjoying every single morsel.

My plate, the smaller version without the ham and egg.
Everything was fresh and tasty and the mustard honey sauce was the perfect complement for the dish.
It was really GOOD!!!

Of course when we told the staff it was Nat's birthday, a  lovely slice of warm freshly baked banana cake appeared.
That was also delicious.
We ate to our hearts content, and could hardly move afterwards.
"Do you want to drive back?" my daughter asked.
"Don't think so, I'm knocked out" I replied.
We practically rolled out of the cafe.

That was the end of the "mummy" portion of the day of celebrations.
A party was planned for later that night (too late for me) so we headed off to collect the cake.

I spent my night at Jazz with the Oliver Jones Trio (more on that in another post).
Up to now as I write this I have not had any feedback about the party.
I do believe a smashing time was had by all and they're still recuperating.
Happy Birthday to you again Nat!!!
(*) new for us....never tried before. 

 The demise of the birthday cake.


  1. Looks wonderful. Brunch is my favourite meal - maybe because we don't do it nearly often enough

    1. Believe me if we didn't get to brunch that day I might not have had the chance to spend any time with her on her birthday. She had so many plans for her special day.
      I am up too early (like now) to ever think about brunch. I have an early breakfast with the Master of the House and then by the time I get through my morning chores it's definitely time for lunch.

  2. Oh that is a very unusual birthday cake - I am guessing that was quite a party! Those waffles look amazing, that is a nice tradition.

    1. The birthday cake was delish...and I had quite a few slices which had me all liquered up!
      The waffles were very tasty and I plan to recreate them one Sunday for breakfast after we return home from church.


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