Wednesday, 11 January 2017

I made someone nice cry

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I didn't mean to do it.
All throughout the year she had been so kind to me.
I thought I would show my appreciation with a gift.
I had no idea if she was a Christmas person or not, neither did I have any idea of her beliefs, all I knew was that I wanted to gift her with a pleasant surprise during the holiday season.
I didn't even know her name, in my mind she was a kind lady who could easily be my mum.
Every single time I would stop by her stall, she would include something extra.
Whether it was an extra avocado on the small overripe stage or some tiny tiny figs, she filled up my purchase bags.
We all have our favourite fruit and vegetable vendors and she had slowly become mine as the months went by.
Her stall is smack dab at the end of Swan Street outside my favourite carpark when I venture into the city.
I didn't purchase too many gifts for the season either but hers was special.
I chose a token I thought she would appreciate and two days before Christmas I passed by to say hello.
I didn't buy any fruits or vegetables that day.  She probably wondered why I was just standing there waiting quietly instead of calling out my order as usual.
As she turned to me, I handed her the gaily wrapped gift, gave her a smile and said, "Thank you for being so nice to me and my daughter during the year....thank you for your kindness."
With that she started to cry and tried to wipe the tears away, but she couldn't help it.
I smiled and wished her a "Merry Christmas!"
She was surprised that someone had taken the time to extend a kindness, and she was happy and she was crying tears of least that's what I'd like to think.
As I turned to walk away the tears were running down my cheeks as well.
I didn't mean to make her cry....but she had made me cry too.
I love making others happy and this was my best Christmas gift ever!!!


  1. What a lovely story. Now, THAT was the spirit of the season. :)

    1. Thank you for swinging by my blog.
      The SPIRIT of the season shone through for me at that moment.

  2. What a truly beautiful post. You are a lovely person.

    1. Making others happy is what makes me happy. I derive so much pleasure from brightening someone's's almost orgasmic!!


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