Saturday, 14 January 2017

Brownie and the yogurt cup

Brownie is still  Brownie for 2017.
He makes me laugh so hard sometimes....his funny antics and mannerisms are hilarious.

Case in point.
An empty yogurt cup with a smidge of leftover yogurt for him to enjoy.
 Determination at its best...rolling that cup over and over until it sits just right for him to begin "the licking process".
 The licking process is an art form that has been mastered by dogs throughout the centuries.
 Keeping the cup steady with one foot to make sure it doesn't roll away.
 Amazing how he gets his tongue inside at all different angles while keeping the cup steady and licking it clean all at the same time.
Seems as if he's getting some help from Pinky Pig.
The cross footed pose which always cracks me up.
The cup is CLEAN upon retrieval.
I use these small empty cups to pot up small seedlings for my plant swaps.
Thank goodness I have my boy to help me get these cups spotlessly clean. 
Thank YOU Brownbie!!!


  1. Who needs a dishwasher when you own a dog

    1. So true! I do wash them properly afterwards though before potting up my seedlings.

  2. Great shots! Our cats do the same.

    1. Yes CJ I can imagine your meows having a ball with a yogurt cup too.
      Animals are so funny, I am so glad that we have them in our lives.
      I have been tardy and need to catch up on some blog reading ...yours and GB's included....don't worry I will get there.

  3. You couldn't get more ecologically friendly and get two satisfied people (You and Brownie) at the same time.

  4. GB I have been so tardy with my blog recently but I appreciate your comments.
    I never thought of it as an ecologically friendly process but you are right and I couldn't want it any better than that.


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