Monday, 9 January 2017

Sophie's Choice Plant Nursery

What a surprise I got when I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas.
"I want a white orchid," she replied.
My jaw dropped open, "What???" I asked.
"A white orchid," she repeated.
"Oooooh  okay," I said happily.
Daughter dear was finally beginning to show an interest in plants, I was as happy as a bug in a rug.
Had a chat with my girlfriend Dawn, the orchid specialist, and she agreed to accompany me to the nursery to choose a beginner's orchid for Nat.
It so happened that Dawn was headed out to the country the next day, and she collected me on her way out.
Accompanied by her Mum on the journey we had a great time chatting away as we drove through the countryside.
This would be my first visit to Sophie's Choice Plant Nursery.

 The owner Sophie met us at the door with a warm welcome and a big smile.
The staff were also very friendly and ready to help.
I felt at home immediately.

I loved this rural oasis.....there was so much to see and admire.

White flowers always capture my heart.
I saw many plants that I had not seen for a long time.
I don't collect as many plants as I used to but when I'm ready again, this is where I will return to start again.
The prices were reasonable and the quality was good.
The service was exceptional.

What I absolutely loved was all the additional plant information that was given to us upon request.
Sophie was an invaluable source of how to deal with imported plants in Barbados.
I have lost many beauties over the years because our climate was not always the best for some of the beautiful plants that are imported.
Luckily for us Sophie had tirelessly figured out their new needs and hardened off (climatised) her plants for sale.
Customers are not allowed to purchase the new "just-landed" plants....I like that.

The pond was stocked with fish and aquatic plants.

Alternative energy was also being used....the way to go.

Here is the reason for my visit.
I bought the last one.

A lovely white orchid for daughter dear.
She loved it.

Two baby fir trees also came home with me.  They are now at home in our Bajan sunshine and doing well.

Sophie was very informative with the exact soil mix and watering conditions that they would thrive in.
"If you have any problems, call me!!!" she insisted.
What a lovely lady....thanks Sophie!!!
I will definitely be back.


  1. What a splendid place. I've never been a great lover of orchids - to me they are to formal a flower. That is rather odd because at one time I worked with one of the world's authorities on orchids who oversaw one of the finest collections in Britain. When I was given one, however, I did keep it alive for many years until during one of my New Zealand summers it perished whilst I was away. I do have a wonderful nursery nearby, though, and they really look after me.

  2. I hope that my daughter's orchid lives as long as yours did...that would make me happy.
    You must write a post on the nursery near your home one of these days.....would be nice to see some of the beautiful plants that won't have a chance of survival here and admire them from afar.


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