Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday morning

Sunday morning breakfast for me and my sidekick........fresh mango salad.

What the heck is this?
First times are always somewhat of a curious experience.  My other dogs LOOOOVED mangoes.  My eldest Shaggy would actually lie under the tree, and pull a low hanging mango off with his front paws, and sit eating and munching contentedly until it was all gone, and his face and mouth were both juice-stained requiring a good wipe.
Mr. Brownie on the other hand had never tasted this forbidden fruit, so it was fun to watch him smell it,and then cock his head in every which way, then give me an incredulous look, and then lick it cautiously, and then ultimately deciding that I would never give him anything that was not good for him, then to take a  morsel in his mouth, and give the unpalatable mouth movement, and then taste it and LIKE it and eat it all down. So much for "What on earth is this?"

After breakfast, a walk in the garden to welcome in the day surrounded by nature.


  White Desert Rose
Lakeview Jasmine
Beautiful sunny day...lots of clouds in the sky...nice breeze...but then a long-lost scent....the smell of rain...yipee!!!
Palms glistening in the raindrops

 Rain everywhere.......but alas not enough.
After the brief shower, a cloudy rainbow.....

A promise to remember

I want to go outside and play

I'm hoping there will be more rain on the horizon, just enough to cool the temps down and water my plants for today.
One hour later, the skies opened up, and a deluge came pouring down, accompanied by thunder. 
It poured and poured. 
Reminds me of that saying..."Be careful what you wish for".


  1. You have a very amusing style of writing which really appeals to my sense of humour. The white desert rose also appeals to me. The heliconia reminded me of a plant which grows abundantly in New Zealand the common name of which I can't immediately bring to mind. I'm rather hopeless with plant names - even ones I know well.

    I'm always very careful what I wish for!

  2. The WV has gone. Thanks - you are a gem!

  3. Your comments always make me smile....yes we should always be careful what we wish for.
    Glad you are enjoying my daily life chronicles.
    The desert rose plant can be arranged if you like it a lot...not sure how well it will do in the UK, maybe better in NZ. They like a lot of sun, hence the name. There is a pink one as well.
    The WV seems to be a bother for most bloggers apparently....glad it's gone.

  4. Blog time always puzzles me. If, as I think it is, Blogger Time is California (at present Pacific Daylight Time) that would equate with the last comment because I saw it come through on my computer at 0814 Monday 16 July my UK Daylight Saving Time ie about 20 minutes ago. That would be 0314 in Barbados. So on that basis you are a real night owl! And when this comment shows it should be timed at 0034 (approx). The things that exercise my mind!

  5. Yes, I was up at 3.30am Barbados time. I was not feeling 100% after being rained on when I was out with my girlfriend yesterday. Ended up with a bout of wheezing and unable to sleep, so I was up online at that time.
    Believe me I am no real night owl, I turn in early "with the fowls" as my friends tease me, but I am up early...I love to greet the day.
    We have to find you something to occupy your time...

    1. It’s amazing how different people can view the same picture and get a 1,000 different words!!!

      How wonderful the V, can depict just what Brownie is thinking, due to the fact that you know him so very well.

      But from my point of view, My depiction is a 1,000 different words from his picture, here is what I am seeing “What the hell is this, my owner is giving me to eat NOW ???” LOL… V, you know I am a unique that way.

  6. Ratman, I'm sure that is exactly what he was thinking, but he is not allowed to use such language.
    Maybe like Muttley from Dick Dastardly cartoon back in the know "Ruckn, stuckn..."


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