Saturday, 13 May 2017

By gone days

A couple of weeks ago while running some errands in the city, I had cause to visit the General Post Office.
Our neighbourhood post office at Eagle Hall was closed for renovation so I made the trip into the city to the main post office...The General Post Office (GPO).
There was a small display in the lobby highlighting postage handling of yesteryear....I took a few photos.

I enjoyed wandering around the display and it was nice to see that some of the old relics still exist for the youngsters to see what is was like to mail a letter or postcard back in the day.
With instant email messages and whatsapp communication, how many of us would go back to the way it used to be by snail mail?
Take your hand down!!!


  1. A trip back in time ... and proof that in Barbados, it is still safe to set those items out (even with the do not touch signs). Here, I'm afraid they might be defaced by someone who simply wanted to prove that he/she could make trouble. :/ Good education, because I agree, most kids today would be amazed at how things used to be. Even those who lived through past times are surprised at the amount of change.

    1. Hi Rafe,
      There were two regular post office guards in plain sight of the display..they were having an animated conversation while I viewed the display.
      You are right about how far the world has progressed even in my lifetime..there are things in my life now that I wonder how I would live without them.

  2. The good old days ;) ... Well, I'm still sending snail mail postcards!

    1. The good old days indeed...sometimes I miss them and sometimes I don't.
      Snail mail postcards deliver a special surprise to the recipient.
      I hardly see postcards available for sale on the island anymore...but somehow the tourists seem to find some to mail home.

  3. I write more cards and letters these days than I have done for many years. Of course I remember most of the items on display.

  4. I don't send cards and letters anymore...postage rates are horrendous here....even the postage rates between the islands are quite high.
    I mostly use ecards now but I know they are not as personal as a hand written card or letter....I console myself by telling myself it's the thought that counts.

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