Thursday, 25 May 2017

Keeping my friends happy

My friends know I am Mrs. DIY when it comes to diy projects. 
I love making, creating  and remodeling stuff.
YouTube is now my dearest would I live without it? How did I live without it?  I have learned a lot from my dearest friend over the years and it has made my life so much easier.
My friends know this.  They know this all too well. They also know that it's in my genes to be busy because it makes me happy.  They like to make me happy so sometimes they keep me busy.
They call me up and the conversation goes a little something like this:
"You know the insect screens you made for your kitchen?  I need some made."
"Okay when?"
"Like now, I'm on my way!"
They show up with all the materials needed and I get to work.  Sometimes they call and give me the measurements first and I do the calculations and send them to the store to purchase the materials needed for the project.
I love helping others, so when one of my friends is in need, I always reach out to help....they do the same for me.
 The insect screen materials are dropped off and I get to work.
 Measuring the extrusion frame, placing the corner pieces and double checking the measurements.

Measure twice....cut once.

 I cut the insect mesh to the size of the frame.
 I then used my rolling tool to insert the spline (rubber wire) into the groove to hold the mesh in place.

 One down several more to go.
All finished.
"Hey, your screens are ready. I am leaving them in the garage for you to collect since I am headed out now."
"Okay thanks, will come by shortly to collect."

The screens are collected and installed and we are both happy because happiness flows both ways.
That's why we should always give with a true spirit and also receive gifts with a genuine thankful heart and always always remember my golden rule...."we are here on this earth to help each other."


  1. You made two comments in that post with which I completely identify: "'s in my genes to be busy because it makes me happy." and "we are here on this earth to help each other." Amen.

  2. It is just the way I am and I like being this way.
    I am so thankful that my parents raised me to be kind, thoughtful and helpful.
    It makes me mad when people take my kindness for weakness.


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