Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A day to relax?

Today was a holiday here......Errol Barrow Day.
I should have spent the day relaxing, but I chose not to do so.
I'm working on a new landscaping project outside my front garden wall, and that is where I spent most of my day.
I'm a bit tired now, but I'll leave you with this...

  Brownie and Big Blue Rat relaxing after a good lunch.
No relaxing for me....right back outside after lunch to get some more work done.
Some of us are luckier than we know.
I was actually teasing him by pretending to take his plate away to give the leftovers to the birds....he pounced on it in a hurry to stop me.


  1. So after you finished all that paving you saw another project that needed doing? looking forward to the reveal, and I am glad the big blue rat was a toy!

    1. And would you know it... I am working on another paving project of sorts....big reveal to follow soon.
      Big Blue Rat is the favourite toy after Monkee.
      I did buy BrownBerts a small teddy bear last weekend to add to his stash...the first thing he did was bite off the poor guy's nose.... it's an initiation ritual for every toy....smile.

  2. I love garden projects so much more than garden maintenance. As for spending a holiday day relaxing. You can designate any day relax day and work when the mood takes you.

    1. Well this particular project will help me a lot in maintaining outside the front wall. I am tired of cutting grass outside on the verge. Especially after the guy drained his engine oil on the grass last year, I decided to change the look all together.


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