Sunday, 12 January 2014

A star is born

Today is a special day.
January 12th.......a very special special day.

Image borrowed from the internet
Many many many moons what seems like a distant planet far away, a star was born.
A pretty star that shone brighter than bright in my eyes.
A star that was discovered by sonogram nine months earlier. 
Had I known back then that the little star would grow up to be the joy of my life and bring with it happiness and good times along with drama and turmoil, I would not have believed it.
This star, the joy of my life, my daughter Natalie, is a daughter like no other.....I kid you not.
Her arrival into this world naturally was unique and the story needs to be told.
Attending a scheduled "near delivery" appointment with my OB/GYN on a bright Friday morning, he immediately informed me that my star would arrive over the weekend.
"Please don't let her come tomorrow morning, I beg of you, I have a golf game that I must play, so please...." he pleaded.
Of course, my Capricorn star (The Goat) heard this plea of a request and decided to take matters into her own hands.
That night after dinner, I went into labour.  By then I was freaking out because I could hear my doctor's words in my head over and over...." please not tomorrow morning."
Well what do you know?  Around 6am when my poor doctor was beginning to give up hope of attending his early morning Saturday golf game, "star-girl" decided it was time to nip the joke in the bud, and made her appearance at 6.15am.
"Oh thank God, I can get to my golf game in time.....thanks little one!!" my poor doctor quipped elatedly while wiping his brow and disrobing at the same time.
A moment to be treasured and remembered always.
Image borrowed from the internet
A star is born
Into my life came this child with a witty sense of humour that never ceases to amaze me.
Typical Capricorn that she is, she believes that her way of handling things is the perfect way, and sticks to her opinion with an independence that warrants her own country.
That was 34 years ago....

White chocolate cheesecake

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!


  1. To love one's child is natural. One sort of takes that for granted. To like one's child is fortunate. To feel as you do about Natalie is a blessing. I, too, feel like that about Gaz. I felt like that about Andy as well. We are blessed and fortunate people Virginia.

    1. I am not so sure about your first sentence GB....there are so many news reports of parents abusing their children, I'm not so sure about the natural parental love of the child anymore.
      I know how you feel about your was how I found your blog when you were expressing your love for Andy.
      We are blessed and VERY fortunate.


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