Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bajan Polar Vortex

I know many of you living in the colder climes are laughing at the post title, but my little island has been experiencing some "cold" that we are not accustomed to for the past few weeks.

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Last night was the first night that I was able to sleep in my own bedroom.
For several nights now, I have been sleeping on the sofa in the living room which is warmer, and Brownie was elated at having me share his sleeping quarters.
It seemed no matter how tightly I closed my bedroom windows (yes the seals are intact), the "cold" permeated the room, making it unbearable for a good night's sleep, except I was wrapped up like some mummified cocoon and wearing socks.....who can sleep like that?  For goodness sakes we're in the tropics.

We were experiencing our own polar vortex with extremely cold gusty winds and rain.  Everyone I knew was complaining how cold the nights were.
The days similarly were not as warm as they normally were. I dared not open my windows when I awoke as siree.....
Around 9am, I would tentatively open my windows, but not very wide, since the breeze was still quite nippy.  I didn't dare venture outside to work in the garden until the sun was quite high in the sky, and even then, the winds were still giving me a goosebump or two.
Battling the "cold"
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I have been drinking copious cups of ginger tea to keep warm and wearing a long sleeved jacket and socks when needed..........for goodness sakes, aren't we in the Caribbean??? 

Brownie however was loving it, and he enjoyed relaxing or sleeping outdoors with the high winds whipping all around him during the day.
One of my friends who loves the cooler weather even suggested that the cool air should be bottled and saved for the summer months.....good luck with that.

Technically, all the cold front remnants that leave the US mainland travel downwards to our area, so technically we were experiencing the remnants of the US polar vortex.

Thankfully the island is back to its regular least today it was.
This morning, when I got up, I threw my windows wide open to welcome the warmer air.
Today was a nice HOTT day and I was able to get lots of gardening done, including some grass cutting......about time.
I am definitely not a cold-weather person.

Polar Vortex article here.
Niagara Falls frozen as a result of the Polar Vortex here.


  1. You need a fur coat like Mr Brown.

  2. It got to 5 degrees here, which is cold but not the coldest temps I've ever dealt with. But I was very worried about some of my plants. Glad it warmed up for you. :o) Mighty gutsy of Mother Nature to freeze everyone in the islands!

  3. Most of my heliconia and some palm leaves have been stripped from the "cold" wild winds, but nothing too drastic.
    Mother Nature really ain't playing around is she?

  4. It's global Virginia. A couple of days ago it was 16℃ when we were in Palmerston North having been nearly 30℃ a day previously. Today it was 37℃ on my deck but last night it was so cool that I had a NZ winter weight downie on my bed.

    1. The global weather pattern has indeed changed, but it's kinda scary how unpredictable the weather is becoming.
      Also just learned that the island may be on its way to experiencing an earthquake shock which may result in a tsunami.


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