Sunday, 19 January 2014

The recent happenings

What day was yesterday??  Can you guess???  (Not hump day like in the GEICO ad) but yesterday was Jaunt Day!! day.........girlfriends day.
I missed my girlfriend while she was away on holiday, and I  am happy that she is back.  The Croc Hunter is back.
We set off for our favourite plant nursery.  My first visit since Patrick left us. Felt strange without him and made me a bit sad, but I'm sure that his spirit was there amongst the beautiful plants.

 I came away with a beautiful green Carex grass to add to my grass collection.

I didn't want to spoil the holiday season by mentioning before that the robber was still at work.
When I say work, I really mean "work" literally.  He considers it to be a job it seems, breaking into houses during the daylight hours of 10am - 3pm, gathering valuables, and then clocking out when he has finished his job.
The police seem to be no wiser, even though this guy's MO is similar to another who was just released from prison.  No fingerprints, since he wears gloves and gains his access to the building by picking locks or via unsecured windows.
His  cache thus far are items that have a ready market and include: laptops, digital cameras, jewelry, Playstations and computer equipment.....whatever he can fit into his haversack.
To this end, I printed some flyers and an updated neighbourhood telephone listing and house map and distributed them on a sunny Saturday morning when folks were at home.
Everyone is now on the lookout and making sure their properties are well secured when they are away from home.
When the robber broke into my next door neighbour's home, he fled in a hurry and dropped his red bandana at the back of my wall, which I found later when I was doing some work in that area.
To be honest, I found lots of broken shrubbery on the path to the quarry, and the way in which they were bent/broken led me to believe that he either had a fall into the quarry or almost did.

After all the sporadic rainfall that we were having, the garden was in need of some TLC. Everything was growing in leaps and bounds.

 Faithfully blooming are my special heliconias....both large and dwarf varieties.

 On the Sunday lunch menu today: Herby Quinoa, baked flying fish and veggies, and a hot and spicy cucumber salad (pickle).  For Brownie a dish of baked chicken livers to go with his chow.

Brownie is still not 100%.  The ear itch became quite a nuisance, and he continued to try getting his entire paw into his ear to get at the itch.  A trip to the vet revealed no mites and he was put on a 10 day ear ointment regime (Animax ointment) to clear it worked.
New Year's night he woke me up with periods of vomiting.  Upon closer inspection I saw a few worms.  I have been giving him his three month oral Sanium Plus tablets but these did not seem to be doing the trick.  A trip to the vet and he was given a dose of Oramec which was followed three days later with Endolav wormer tablets.
Now a new problem has surfaced...he continues to swallow quite frequently, and I'm not sure what this is about.  At first I thought he was just amusing himself, but reading online it seems it can be acid reflux or a nasal sinus drip.  If it does not settle down, he will be given a swab test which will be sent to the lab to determine the cause.

 Sleeping like a baby after lunch
Apart from this he continues to eat like a horse and carry out his monkey patrol duties, as well as run and play around as per usual.

I've been catching up on some movie watching too...I can now add to my watched list "Cleaner" with Samuel L. Jackson, "Seeking Justice" with Nicolas Cage, "Lee Daniel's The Butler" with Forest Whitaker/Oprah Winfrey, "The First Wives Club" with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Maggie Smith, "Pride and Prejudice," as well as "Awake" with Terrence Howard, which really gave me a wake up call. That movie gave me a reality check. As my mum used to say about people "Every skin teet ain't a laugh." (*)
(*) Skin-teet = Skinning your teeth or grinning. Every smile or grin is not to be trusted. You never know what someone is thinking—just because they're smiling doesn't mean they're pleased or mean you well.


  1. Sorry to hear about pooch's problems. I hope they are solved soon. As for 'Awake' the idea of being aware whilst having a major operation scares the living daylights out of me assuming that one can feel as well whilst being paralysed. I've not seen the film because it's one I just don't think I could watch.

  2. GB, even though the premise of the film is "anesthetic awareness" , the plot is incredibly good....I'm glad I watched it...

  3. Your mom is a wise woman! Even a dog will wag their tail out of nervous energy before they bite. Did you give the bandanna to the police? What a ballsy jerk to break into houses! I hope Brownie is ok. Love that carex! It grows wild here and occasionally pops up in my container gardens.

  4. The police were not interested in the bandana.....sorry but that's how they operate here.
    We haven't had any further robberies, so maybe the robber did fall over the quarry.
    I am so have this lovely green carex growing wild on your property.....I will be trying my utmost best to keep mine alive....our heat may be its demise....but I will keep it on my patio and hope for the best.

  5. Never a dull moment at your house.....and you still find time to watch movies. I hope the robber is gone for good. That would be a worry. More importantly O hope all is good with Brownie. It's so hard when they can't tell you what's wrong.

    1. No more reports of the robber thank goodness. My neighbour has been taking photos of all the "questionable looking" males who walk through the neighbourhood....good idea on her part.
      Mostly on weekends, I watch movies after I finish my outdoor hard work.
      Brownie is on meds for a few days after his urine sample showed up some protein, but he will be okay.....he is still eating like a horse.

  6. Onslow and Miss B hope that Brownie is feeling better soon. Onslow often gets itchy ears, which drive him crazy, especially if they get a bit wet. No such worries for Miss B - her huge ears are upright and well ventilated, so she never has any problems.

    1. Brownie says thanks to Onslow and Miss B. His ears are all better now.
      He is now on a few days of meds after his urine sample showed up some protein....but he will be A-Okay.

  7. Yeah. A truly harrowing and upsetting thing. Maybe it's time the houses and the neighborhood set up CCTV cams and alarm systems, to not only fend off the perp, but get a good look at him/her, how he/she moves and where he/she's at. Should give more than a few clues about the whereabouts, so that this thing is nipped in the bud.

    Lida @ #1 Security Services

  8. Thanks for your kind comment Lida....we're on it.


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