Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Day 2014

I can't believe that an entire day has gone by in the new year already.
As is the norm, my good friends celebrate with a luncheon every new year's day, and I am invited to attend....however, I can't show up without taking a delicious dessert or two.

The drive over to the south coast where they live is always a nice scenic one, and I thought I would show you some photos of the coastline area in their neighbourhood.
So here goes.

I pulled off on to a grass verge high above the cliff, where folks were fishing and picnicing and having a good time.

Not sure if they were catching any fish, but still a nice way to while away the afternoon.

I caught sight of many heads bobbing in the water.....swimmers and paddleboarders as well.

Sitting under a coconut tree relaxing and fishing...what more could you ask for?

Rock crevasses along the shore

It was very windy, and I had to make sure I was not swept off the cliff.......
.....on to the jagged rocks below

Across the bay, on the popular Miami beach, a host of folks enjoying themselves as well.

Puffy "marshmallow" clouds floating across the sky.

 The New Year's Day "gang" includes my friends from back-in-the day partying days.  We have  a ton of fun eating/drinking, chatting, reminiscing and listening to the old vibes from our day.
The host and hostess are the chief chefs, and others like myself contribute a dish to the meal as well.

 This year I made a Pina Colada cake with bits of candy cane in the topping, and also a "lick-me-down" RUM and raisin bread pudding. Once again I was teased about eating my liquor and claiming not to drink hard liquor....why don't they leave me alone?


I enjoyed the camaraderie of my friends, who are really like family, and I always ponder why we only get together this one time of the year. This year we were missing two of our changes circumstances at the blink of an eye.
Throughout the evening, I enjoyed inhaling the scent of fresh pine needles from the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?"........not in this family of friends.


  1. You live in a really beautiful part of the world Virginia. That ocean looks so inviting - aqua blue

    1. Thank you. The ocean takes on various shades of blue depending on the sun's reflection on the water and where you stand, but it's always very pretty, even on overcast days.

  2. The coastline looks just like parts of the coastline of New Zealand's Northland. I have individual friends going back to my childhood (at 4 years of age) and ever since but no group with whom I am in contact like you describe. In fact I do not know a single person from my schooldays who still lives in the city of my birth and schooling.

    1. This group of friends date back to the 80' partying days.
      Next week there is a reunion with my friends from primary school, and I am looking forward to that.
      When you post photos of your coastline it seems like a photo shot in Barbados sometimes, so I know what you're speaking of.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! Barbados looks so relaxing. Cold and snowy here, but that's ok, too! :o) I'll take a slice of that cake!

  4. I don't think there is any cake left....sorry.
    My girlfriend in VA says the winter wasn't too bad so far. She's been trying to entice me to visit in the cold, but that is not for me.
    A Washington DC visit back in the early 90's cured me with a temperature of less than 32 degrees....never again.


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