Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Hiya, it's me on security patrol.
Do you see how lovely Mum's lettuce is growing? Personally I don't get why she's so enamoured with this green stuff....looks like bush to me, but she likes it.  She enjoys a salad every day with that stuff mixed with other greens and some other stuff she calls salad dressing.
Anywayyyyyy.......Brazen and company love lettuce too, so I'm on security patrol to make sure they don't rob Mum of her prized lettuce.
 Come on Mum, how do you expect me to chase Brazen if you have the gate closed?
 That's better....thanks.
I'm heading outside now.....
.....for a little sunshine to keep my healthy glow.
I can keep a close eye on that Brazen monkey from here far better.
Did someone say, "Security!!!"

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