Monday, 5 May 2014

Tea Party Decorations - Twig Tree

It was time again for my yearly Tea Party and Swap, an event where I invite all my girlfriends over for an afternoon of swapping unwanted items along with a scrumptious afternoon tea.
This year, I wanted to change up my table decor, and I came up with a few new ideas after looking around online.
I also knew that I wanted to use three colours this, turquoise and fuschia.
I had always wanted to make a twig tree decoration for my kitchen counter top to decorate at Christmas, but I had never got around to it.  It was time to take care of this long-awaited project.
Outside the property are several wild trees and shrubs which I had recently cut back. I gathered a few of the dead twigs and got to work.
Wild twigs

A tin of white spray paint came in very handy for the job.
I don't care very much for the fumes from spray painting though, and I'm much more comfortable with a paintbrush in my hand anyway.

Resorted to the paintbrush method and I was finished in no time. I preferred the coverage using this method way better.

All finished and ready to assemble.

 First I needed a steady base.  I couldn't find a small oblong vase....I used one of my glass loaf baking dishes instead.
Using a sharp kitchen knife, I trimmed the floral styrofoam block to fit inside, and taped it securely to the dish.

Now it was time to decorate.

I had a small decorative floral air freshener, which I dismantled and re-purposed for my project.

Next came some cute little butterflies which had all the colours that I lovely.

With a reel of monofilament line I made the flower decorations so they could hang on the tree.

 Then attached the butterflies and some pink grass at the base...and voila!!

A pretty table centrepiece....a twig tree worthy of gracing the tea party buffet table.(*)
(*) see previous post.


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it...I have a lot more ideas knocking around in my head for more indoor decor so stay tuned.

  2. Just catching up. Your table looked beautiful with that decoration. I love the idea of a swap party. If you don't mind I might borrow your idea and invite some friends for a "give away" party before we move.

    1. That is an excellent idea Ros...go ahead and use the problem.
      I guess you can draw numbers like we do from a hat and then your friends can choose the items they like. Believe me quite a bit of trading goes on after the swap's lots of fun.
      Your "give away" party sounds like fun.
      Wish I could attend your "give away" party. I did a HUGE de-cluttering a few years ago, where I just invited my girlfriends over to choose what they wanted, I should have had a "give away" party then.

  3. Oh thanks for telling us how you did that - it was very effective.

    1. Glad you liked the twig will be decorated with a string of battery operated white lights for Christmas on my kitchen counter this year.


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