Friday, 9 May 2014

THE Kite

Now that the Easter holidays are over and the kids have returned to the classroom, I thought that the skies would have been empty of all kites, which is usually the norm.
One solitary kite remained airborne flying noisily over my house making it hard for me to fall asleep peacefully at night.
I've talked about these noisy kites before  here and here.....they are left staked out during the night......a nuisance of disturbance, flying high in the night breezes, while the owner enjoys a nice peaceful sleep.
Who would have thought that a cheap homemade kite made from recycled plastic shopping bags, strips of wood and discarded pieces of cloth remnants could make such a God-forsaken noise in the sky invading my poor ears?
How I wished that it would "pop" from its tether and go sailing off into the unknown.
Upon returning home yesterday after visiting my friend, I was pleasantly surprised to see what appeared to be a tangled mass atop my garage deck.
Could it be that my prayers had been answered?
Closer inspection revealed that it was indeed a "popped kite."
It looked like THE kite that had been breaking up my night sleep for the past few weeks.

Now normally when a kite goes astray, the kids chase it as it falls to the ground no matter how far away it lands.  I too as a child had those days when we would give chase to a kite in trouble, and traverse several neighbourhoods until we tracked it down.
My mum never allowed us to leave our kites out at night though. 
We had to bring our kites in with us whenever we came home from flying our kites.
Look at the underbelly of this beast of a kite.
Look at the size of the "bull" wonder it created a hell of a noise in the sky.
No measly scraps of wood for the frame but good strong pieces of what appears to be a hard wood. No white glue to hold this sucker together either but solid nails and screws.

I stored it in the garage, and hustled inside.  There were no enquiries on its kids came a-calling asking for its whereabouts....thank goodness.
I'm not sure I would have given it back had caused me enough stress.
Guess what?
Last night as I turned into bed, the night sky was quiet...quiet....quiet.....with the exception of a few crickets chirping away in the garden....I was asleep in no time.....a nice peaceful sleep that was uninterrupted during the night.
Karma at it's best.


  1. There can be few worse things than a disturbed night. I'm not sure how I'd react to a kite but years ago I learned out of necessity to be calm and sleep whilst a wedding dance went on into the wee small hours in the hotel ballroom below me.

    1. I just find myself sleeping on the sofa in the living room where it's cozy and the noise doesn't seem to penetrate at all.
      Brownie loves it since that's where he settles down for the night as well.


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