Monday, 26 May 2014

The weekend

So how was your weekend?  Hope you had a good one.
Mine was filled with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.....things that needed to be done were done, and things that I had no clue I'd be doing were also done.
During the week, the Master of the house was given a bath and a worm treatment, so he was not on the weekend agenda of things to do.  I did find one flea on him, so it's time to give the garden a pesticide spray.

The drought that we have been having has everywhere dry dry dry, and no matter how much you water the plants, they still look parched.....even some of the so-called drought-loving plants.
One plant that is still holding its own is the white crape myrtle.
Yeah, I know I still haven't planted it into the garden after all this time, but as soon as we get some rain, it will have a new home.

A dear friend had given me a small cerasee bush seedling...a plant that is used for internal cleansing....I potted it up and pampered it and it was growing really nicely......even started to flower......
.....then it started looking quite stressed.....the heat and the dry amount of watering could quench its thirst, it died an agonising death.
I guess I will continue to buy the teabags in the supermarket.

On Saturday, there was another Grow your Own Food Expo, and this time I came away with okra, bok choy and salad mix seedlings.
Brazen sat on the wall and watched me carefully as I transplanted the seedlings into the garden bed.....I hope he doesn't get any stupid ideas.
See how the soil looks dry and cracked even though it had been watered earlier in the morning. It's okay to grow your own food, but then your water bill makes a jump upwards like mine did last just can't win.

Saturday afternoon found me out front weeding in between the rice fern and the's taking a while for the rice fern to fill in because of the drought so I won't post a photo as yet.

In the morning I had attended a few garage sales, and came home with new treasures....two lovely glass pitchers for my tea party collection next year....I now have enough.

I am not a hoarder, and I just can't deal with stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere.   I stuck to my mantra..."Something in means something out", and so I spent Sunday spring cleaning my wardrobe.   Getting rid of unworn clothing means someone else will have "new" clothes after they are donated to The Salvation Army.

Surprise! Surprise! Some dear friends came by to visit in the evening, and the house was filled with laughter and good cheer....what better way to end the weekend?

A fulfilling weekend indeed.


  1. A Good Weekend indeed. Sometimes surprises are the best visits. AS for one in and one out: I've never managed that.

    1. The "one in and one out" philosophy came into my life years and years ago when I really had too much stuff. Back then I traveled a lot with my job and I was always buying something or the other.
      I do give away quite a few things and I am the first one most of my friends call when they need anything.....because "Vee probably has one knocking around."
      My idea of having a yearly swap was based on getting rid of unwanted useful items and it has worked well for me.

  2. Sounds like a productive and enjoyable weekend - the best kind. I wish I had started the one in one out policy years ago. I wouldn't be having the nothing in and lots out time I've had lately.

    1. An enjoyable weekend it sure was with a little bit of, gardening, and
      It's not too late to start the "one in and one out" policy.
      I'll be honest with you, I pulled about 50 items of clothing from my closet....some will be donated and some of the really expensive items will be headed to the consignment shop.


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