Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The flock is complete again

When I awoke this morning, a gorgeous full moon was just about to set below the horizon.
 It had an orange-y  glow to it that did not bother to show up in this photo.
For me, it's so good to welcome the day from its inception.....watching the moon go to sleep and admiring the sun waking up to another day....the perfect start to my day.

What else is there to report?

Well daughter dear has now returned from her trip.  The master of the house was very happy to see her again.
After many head rubs and ear tickles, he was satisfied that she had indeed returned to him and that she had not forgotten what he liked in the petting department.
His flock is now complete again.....he is happy. 

I prepared one of her favourite meals to welcome her back home.
Linguine with Cheese-stuffed meatballs
She was happy too...and as she put it, "Gosh Mum, it's so good to be home again." 
I know that feeling only too well.


  1. My daughter is home from her university and it's just so good to see her everyday. I hope you have a good, long visit with yours. :o)

    1. My daughter lives here with me...she was away for a few weeks to spend time with her cousins in NY.
      The house was quieter without her here, but it's good to have her back.
      Even though the paper towels and toilet tissue and ice lasted longer during her absence, I kinda missed her, but don't tell her I said

  2. At this time of year on Lewis the sun rises well before 5am. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't!

    1. That must be nice to welcome the sunrise at 5am.....whether up and about on your feet or from your bed watching the golden splendour appear above the horizon.


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