Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Brownie is still on patrol

That confounded monkey Brazen and his comrades seem to be coming along the back wall more regularly now....like three or four times a day it seems.
The troop has now grown to five, including a very mischievous youngster that loves to tease Brownie no end.
A few days ago, I actually caught the prankster sitting on the gazebo taunting Mr. B down below.
I've taken to spraying them with the hose when they decide to linger on the wall....they know when they hang around that it drives Mr. BrownBerts crazy.....yet they persist....it's fun for them I suppose.....like....."Let's see if we can make the dog lose his bark" kinda fun.
Poor Brownie, barking continuously soon becomes annoying and then he coughs and sounds quite hoarse.
Darn, there goes Brazen AGAIN!!!

Here comes that other one......

Gosh, there goes another.......

This is so frustrating....Mum why is this gate closed????????

If I could only get my paws on those varmits......

Oh they are so freaking ANNOYING!!!!
Open this gate PLEEEEEEASE!!!


  1. I really feel Brownie's frustration every time I read about Brazen and his gang.

    1. Brazen's gang is growing strong, and he is pretty proud of his five member family.
      Wish I could have got a pair of wings for Brownie's Christmas present so he could surprise them on top of the wall when they came by.
      I usually open the gate again after they have gone back up with their bounty of fruits so that BrownBerts can roam around outside..


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