Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Harrison's Cave - Part 2

Harrison's Cave is gorgeous, and leaves you yearning for more, but as the tram returned to our embarkation point and the sunny outdoors, I realised that the cave environs were worth exploring too, so off I went.

The valley floor is surrounded by limestone rock and beautifully landscaped with tropical plants  interspersed with small shops with pretty names like Avocado, Coconut and Breadfruit.

In the middle of the "courtyard" was a huge ficus tree with its tangled fibrous roots.

Ficus benjamina

These heliconias are well behaved, unlike my rogues at home, but then again there are gardeners who report to work here every day to keep them in check.

 A Traveller's Palm - Ravenala in bloom with its exotic looking flower head.

Crinum Lilies

 Looking back to the Visitor's Centre from amongst the lush greenery.

I chose a quick 5-minute scenic gully trail and set out amongst the lush foliage of the gully.

A cool walk in the shade of the tree canopy.

Lots of sign postings about the gully and its plants.
Red ginger lilies

A gully was once a cave that has collapsed hence the rock face along the way.

Amerindian hut....an authentic replica.

Golden apples on the gully floor...some bitten by some of Brazen's cousins I'm sure.

A walk up to Allen View Village was worth the effort....I met several hens and roosters along the path and the lookout was beautiful.

Time to head back up to the cliff top.
The glass-surround elevator is an excellent way to view the entire facility and there were more photo ops on the way up.
Leaving it all behind. 
Back on the cliff top where I can see the tree tops more clearly.
I made my way back to the lobby entrance.
This little gift packet came home with me.
A toy tram for a nice little boy.
 I had a fun filled morning unearthing the adventure, and I will most certainly be back.
Next time I will be taking the eco-friendly tour where I can climb up waterfalls and clamber through some of the other tunnels that are not on the tram route.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it really is a beautiful place, and it's beauty will soon be extended since there are plans to develop another 2 miles of explored tunnels.

  2. It's Sunday lunchtime. I wanted to come back to your blog when I had plenty of time to appreciate this post just as I had appreciated the last one. As I cut into my avocado and smoked salmon treat (I don't lunch like this usually!) I read the start and the lovely shop names. Coincidence. Then as I travelled with you and read the information boards and enjoyed the lush warmth I was transported and was there with you. I enlarged all the photos and generally had a wonderful trip whilst I was having my lunch. I do love these 'travelogue' posts of yours. Thank you for the journey. I wish I'd been there in person but this was the next best thing.

    1. Avocado and smoked salmon sounds delicious....but then again I love anything with avocado....smile.
      I'm glad you were able to enlarge the photos....I've been trying to find a decent size for all my photos, but the Large size in Blogger shows up far bigger in draft and then the extra large is sometimes too big. I would love to adjust my photo sizes using the embedded code but I haven't got around to it as yet.
      Glad you enjoyed this post as well.


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