Thursday, 18 December 2014

The tree is up

This year I wasn't very sure I would put the tree up, since I wasn't feeling too Christmasy.
After mulling it over for a while, I figured I should at least put the tree up even if I didn't do any further decorating.
This year I used white and gold for my tree decor with a celestial theme....lots of angels, stars, and snowflakes.
Last year my blog friend AfricanAussie sent me a lovely handmade crochet angel, unfortunately I was using red and gold for my tree, so I couldn't show her off then.

I placed her in storage until this year where she could be highlighted with my crocheted snowflakes on the tree.

As usual my Overseer was dozing and keeping an eye on me.
Looks like I may need a new tree soon, there are more needles on the ground than usual.
I used my rotating tree stand which I love, love, love.

Once again this year, I only used the first two layers of the tree so that it could be displayed on the side table....this allows BrownBerts to chill out in his usual spot under the table.
Since my heart wasn't really into it, it's not my best decorating's lacking my usual care and dedication that I usually put into my tree trimming.
I'm not entertaining this year, so no worries there.

Lots of crocheted snowflakes

Battenburg lace angels, golden orbs and fillagree stars.

All kinds of angels

There she is!!!  A special angel!!
The beautiful crocheted angel from my friend AfricanAussie adorns the upper branch.
Thank you again for your kind and thoughtful gift Gillian, I will treasure her always.


  1. Virginia, The tree and your house look lovely. I know how you must feel, because I lost my husband in a car accident on Dec. 5th, 1983. Like you I wasn't in a festive mood at the time. But I had some really great friends who helped me through that year's holiday season. Season's Greetings ... my thoughts will be with you on Christmas Eve. Hug!

    1. Hi Martine, I've got some incredible friends too, and they have been very supportive and helpful although I have asked them to give me some time to myself....some honour my request and some don'
      So sorry to hear that you lost your husband so tragically during the Christmas season, that must have been quite difficult for you.
      I'm wishing you and your Mum a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your kind thoughts. Big hug back at you!!

  2. Whilst I don't have a tree I do enjoy other people's. Yours is beautiful.

    1. Thanks GB, my heart wasn't into decorating the tree and it shows, but others like yourself still think it's beautiful.


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