Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Happy Birthday Steve!!

Today is Steve's birthday.
Seemed kinda strange not being able to grab the phone early this morning and wish him a Happy Birthday.
"Happy Birthday Steve!!"
Always gentle and appreciative, he would tell me that he intended to have a good day even if he spent the day at work....he was like that...made the most of every situation whether good or bad....reminded me so much of my Dad, and I know that's why I married him.

Trekked out to the garden to find the most beautiful heliconia flower in bloom and made a quick bouquet.
I had to drop Brownie off at the vet (more on that to follow in another post), and I figured I'd go to the cemetery to visit my dear ex-hubby for his birthday.
It  was time to do so, since I had not returned since the funeral.

The sun shone brightly as I got out of Beast and looked around in the area where I thought his final resting place should be, but I just couldn't locate it.
Drove over to the office, and a kind gentleman (Mr. Maxwell) took his chart out and accompanied me back across the way.
He was kind enough to show me  not only where the grave was but how to find it again until we have installed a proper marker.  Thank you kind sir.
Laying my bouquet ever so gently, I wished my dear ex-hubby a Happy Birthday.  The wind rustled the leaves in the bouquet and somehow I knew that he was okay and probably having a good time wherever he was.
I found myself smiling, and without a single tear, I promised him to return soon.
When I arrived home, daughter dear was squirrelled away in her room, and soon she emerged  with a sheet of paper which she waved at me. "I've written a poem for daddy" she simply said.

A poem for Daddy.

"Still think about you every day
Words I didn't get to say
Days I should have spent with you
Wishing I could go back and start anew.

I have the best childhood memories because of you
Days of tennis and the beach till my fingers were blue
Always ready with your camera and a hug
Wishing for one more makes my heart tug.

Missing your voice and easy smiles
Wishing to see you though you are away miles
My heart is broken into a million pieces
And each piece still hurts and never ceases.

Wish I got a final goodbye to say
But guess writing this poem is my way
Know you are my angel always by my side
And we will meet one happy day when I too die.

Love you always Daddy."

It touched my heart so much I thought the tears would fall, but I felt a pride rise inside my bosom instead.
Then she too went off to put flowers on her Dad's grave.


  1. oh what a lovely little poem. I am sure that our loved ones who have gone on would like us to remember the good times we shared together. I also have a white desert rose in bloom at the moment. they are putting out seed pods.

    1. She surprised me with the poem, it was a nice thought...it was a moment when I prided myself that "I had raised her right" and "to think of others, not only yourself."
      Steve loved that white desert rose and I was going to air layer a new plant for him for Christmas. I would love to plant one on his grave, but I know it would disappear into thin air.

  2. You must be so proud of your wonderful daughter. Wish I could give both of you a big hug.

    1. Thanks for the cyber hugs...we are taking each day as it comes...we will be okay again....this I know for sure..

  3. My Dad's birthday was the 10 December. He died 10 years ago aged 94. I'm sitting here with tears streaming uncontrollably down my face. I have no other words.

    1. Oh GB, I am so sorry about your Dad.
      Sometimes it seems that we are moving on emotionally, and then something triggers an avalanche of uncontrollable tears.
      It happens sometimes when I think of, or am reminded of my Mum who passed 14 years ago.
      I totally understand, and it;s okay to let the tears fall.


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