Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The vet visit

Yesterday I took Mr. BrownBerts to visit the vet.
Even though I was in the middle of trimming the tree, I knew he needed to go to see the vet.
He had started the tongue "air licking" thing again as if trying to dislodge something in his mouth, yet licking at empty air....this concerned me a bit because the last time, he had a small infection in his mouth from an extra piece of skin that had grew over one of his teeth.
I could imagine how annoying that must have been to feel that extra piece of skin inside his mouth and not being able to get at it...poor boy.
I know I have mentioned before that Brownie has a fan club, and when we pulled into the car park it was a warm welcome.
Entering the vet's office, we were greeted with "Brownie!  What's wrong with our boy now?"
The vet listened attentively to his symptoms, and I also told Dr.Joy that he should have his teeth cleaned while she was in his mouth, as well as nails clipped and glands problem.
After a mild sedative, I was asked to return in an hour.
I spent that time visiting with Steve at his grave.
On my return, Dr. Huey came out to greet me and informed me that another flap had grown back over the tooth and it was removed again.  He was rather stern about Brownie's eating habits, since his glands were full,  "He should be eating chow" he admonished me.
"I mix it with his meals" I answered.
"Not good enough my dear," he said sternly.
"Okay I will give him more chow," I said demurely.  I don't like my favourite vet to be upset with me.
"He's ready to go home, come around to the back and collect him."

When I reached in to the kennel to lift BrownBerts up he was so heavy, I thought I would drop him.  He was beginning to come out of the sedative, and he was fighting fiercely, never before had I seen any of my dogs behave like this when coming out from being put under.
It took all of my strength to hold him in my arms while he fought and struggled like a mad bull.
On the way home, I had to stop on two occasions on the side of the road to settle him back down, he was fighting and clambering all over me and Beast, it was impossible to keep him quiet.  It was like fighting with a possessed animal, he was so strong.
After I finally got him home, I sat on the floor beside him stroking him and talking to him gently as he shook off the sedative.  To be honest I was a bit fearful of his behaviour but the vet had assured me that he was okay when I questioned him about Brownie's whimpering before we left the office.
I need to ask him, but I believe that maybe they used a different sedative on him this time around.
BrownBerts was good again by afternoon, and you guessed it, ate all of his food and drank copious amounts of water and then promptly turned over and went to sleep.
It's a dog's life.
Keeping an eye on my tree trimming progress.


  1. Oh gosh so sorry - that must be very uncomfortable for him. He certainly does keeep you hopping over to the vet quite often lately. Hope the new year brings him better health.

    1. Like all of us he is getting older, and with age comes all kinds of aches and pains in places we didn't even know we had on our bodies....does it sound like I'm talking from experience? I AM.
      He is doing well and back to his usual self barking at Brazen and company and scaring the postman and the meter man by running up to the gate when they least expect him.

  2. Sounds like a difficult drive home. Glad all went ok.

    1. It certainly was a scary drive home, but he's okay now....thanks.

  3. Glad to hear It all worked out okay in the end. Bella and Onslow send their best wishes to Mr BrownBerts.

    1. Thanks Marisa, Brownie says thanks and he sends Bella and Onslow Merry Christmas wishes and hopes they are well too.

  4. Well that was long enough ago for me to jump forwards and see how he is now.

    1. Brownie is well again, actually too well...... for he seems to have more spunk and exhibits a lot more "puppyish" behaviour recently.....but oh so endearing.

  5. Poor BrownBerts! That must have been very frustrating for him, not to mention painful. Still, it sounds like your vet is very knowledgeable and helpful, and hopefully with eating a bit more chow things will get better. My rabbit had a recurrent problem a couple of years ago and changing his diet also turned out to be a big help.

    Elvira Mullins @ Nelson Vets


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