Monday, 2 March 2015

Mr. Spock

"Mr. Spock"
Leonard Simon Nimoy
March 26, 1931 - February 27, 2015
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 If you were born back in the 60's like me, and loved sci-fi movies, then you must have adored the television series Star Trek.
Every Saturday my dad, my brother and I would hunker down to enjoy a full hour of the show.
Chores out of the way, and some favourite snack in hand, I would always manage to plop on to the sofa just as these words were heard:
"Space.....the final frontier.  These are the voyages of the starship "Enterprise,"  It's five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before."
Then that lovely music would start and my excitement would build even higher...I loved Star Trek...I was in another world for an hour.
The ship was commandeered by Captain Kirk along with his first officer and science officer Spock and chief medical officer Leonard McCoy.
I loved Mr. Spock.  He was my favourite.
He was half-human and half Vulcan, which gave him pointy ears and raised eyebrows along with an inherited unemotional and detached attitude.
His Vulcan salute  of "Live Long and Prosper" has been adopted by fans everywhere.
Logic driven by nature he had a way of simply saying "fascinating" when things were downright incredulous.

I will always be a Trekkie fan, and even though I will never manage in a million years to make the famous Vulcan Salute, I know that you, my dear Spock will continue to Live Long and Prosper wherever you may be.
Thank you for making my childhood so memorable.
Image borrowed from the internet
Leonard Nimoy succumbed to COPD after years of smoking. He was 83 years old.
Gone.....but will never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace.

Here is an interesting article which I found touching to honour his memory


  1. I enjoyed Star Trek but was never a true 'Trekkie'. Captain Kirk just never seemed to me to have the sort of personality that would ever have been chosen to command an naval frigate never mind a spaceship. Perhaps I'm being a bit hard on him and, of course, I would be watching it when I was older than you were. Oddly even more recently William Shatner played an even more unbelievable character in Boston Legal (which is, of course, a 'serious' comedy or a comedy with some serious messages. It's a great shame that Leonard Nimoy didn't carry his fictional logical approach into his real life when it came to smoking. He was a remarkable actor.

    1. William Shatner's role in Boston Legal was never believable for me either, I found it quite bizarre.
      As for guiding the grand ship Enterrprise, he did okay, but that's why many like myself loved Spock.
      Actually I read that William Shatner was a bit envious that Leonard Nimoy received more fan mail than he ever I not at all. Spock was very very likeable and maybe one of those fan mail letters may have included one of

  2. PS I can do the Vulcan salute - just: my hands are not as supple as they used to be I have just discovered!

    1. I am so envious...I can only achieve the salute by holding my fingers together briefly but then they come apart...I guess it takes LOTS of practice.

  3. Goodbye Mr. Spock! sad indeed.

    1. It's so good that he will remain with us via the many Star Trek reruns.

  4. I grew up watching Star Trek and loved Spock. He lived well and prospered. :o)

    1. One could not help but love Spock....he was very likeable.
      For us kids no Saturday was complete without Star Trek....imagine we would give up playing outdoors just to watch our favourite show.


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