Thursday, 19 March 2015

Doctor on Call

Today, my pc guru friend Dr. Charles, who is also known in our circle of friends as "Sir Charles" spent a couple of hours with us.
Brownie adores him, and Dr. Charles is the only male that may visit my home and Brownie does not become agitated....he is a very jealous dog you males but him allowed on the property!!
Seemed as if all the pc equipment in the house was in need of tender loving care.
 Dining room table became Operation Command Central

So it was that the Doctor came by and spent some time loading new programs for movie watching, cleaning up hard drives, and uninstalling programs no longer needed.
We now have access to hundreds, if not thousands of online movies and live channels at the click of a mouse....who could ask for more.....
Just what the doctor ordered.
What a day!!!


  1. There's nothing like a good clean-up of the computers for improving one's feeling of well-being. I must see if I can watch movies on-line now that I have an improved broadband speed.

    1. You should definitely be now able to access all the online movies with your improved broadband speed.
      I have been upgraded to 20meg (at no additional cost) by my ISP in order to compete with the other local internet carrier.
      The only gadget that received no attention during the doctor's visit was my desktop, but he walked me through what needed doing on the phone.


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