Thursday, 12 March 2015

We live in a world with cruel cruel people

As far as I know, all of my blogland friends love animals, and would not ill-treat any kind of animal.
From my first memory as a child we always had pets and we were taught to love them.
No throwing sticks or stones or shouting at our pets...they were loved unconditionally and were a part of the family.
We were a caring family, a sharing family, a loving family. 
If there was only one candy left in the candy bowl, my brother and I would bite it into four pieces and everyone had a piece.  We just did not know about selfishness....I learned what this was when I started going to school.
We mostly had dogs and cats as pets, but mostly dogs.  We must have had over thirty dogs throughout the years.
We never knew what it was to be unkind, another foreign concept I learned at school.
Respect for life, yes, we were taught that too.

Brownie and his Motley crew
He takes them out on to the patio every morning to help him look out for Brazen and his crew.
Brownie awaiting a titbit from daughter dear as she makes her way to her room with a plate full of tasty morsels.
He knows he will be given some because that's what we do, we share.
Here he is again awaiting a taste of a tuna sandwich...he will wait patiently until a piece is given to him.

 His days are filled with love.

 Taking a nap on my slippers is his very smart way of knowing when I get up from the sofa, because I will need my slippers.

How on earth could I ever dream of treating Mr. BrownBerts unkind?
I just CAN'T understand why people are so cruel to defenseless animals.....why oh why oh why?

As I sat writing this post and thinking of how much I love my boy and being thankful that I was blessed to have him in my life, I knew that there were many many more animal lovers like me out there.

I love reading lots of feel-good stories about lost animals finding their way back home after many years, animals being rescued from raging waters, animals saving their owners from harm.

Then you come across a horrible story like this one.
I am happy that it had a happy ending.
If you are like me, don't you wish you could tar and feather the cruel person who did this and cage them in a small carrier and leave them out in the elements and never look back?


  1. Such despicable acts are totally beyond by comprehension. Your punishment would be suitable retribution.

    1. Yet I wonder if that punishment would be enough for such a cruel act.
      I wish that there was some big island somewhere or even another planet where all the wicked and cruel folks could be banished to. They would be with others of their ilk and should make one big happy family and then the world would be a happy place.


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